Aptitude Test

正所謂Practice makes Perfect,作為一般大公司基本門檻,無通過aptitude test呢一關,就去唔到下一關,更見唔到面試官。所以JobsDB精選咗以下五大類型題目,希望可以俾一個基本認知同練習你體驗吓。如果發現自己喺邊一類題目較弱,就要針對題型再網上搵資料多多練習!

  • 演繹推理(Deductive Reasoning)(5題)
  • 文字推理(Verbal Reasoning)(5題)
  • 數據充分題測試(Data Sufficiency Test)(5題)
  • 數字能力測試(Numerical Reasoning)(5題)
  • 圖表和表格分析(Interpretation of Tables and Graphs)(5題)
Aptitude Test
25 questions
25 mins
For Individuals
  • The test has 25 questions and you should aim to complete the test within 25 minutes.
  • All questions are multiple-choice.
  • Make sure you read a question in full before answering.
  • Overall score is provided at the end of the test.
  • All content is created and owned by JobsDB.
  • Press "Next" to start the test if you are ready!
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