6 reasons why hiring interns is good for your business

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hiring interns

Interns. They are the young, bright minds entering the working world for the first time.  They may be inexperienced but one thing is for sure:  their value to workplaces is immense. Here are the reasons why we believe hiring interns is good for your business:


1. They’re eager to learn and be trained.

Interns, most of them are genuinely interested about the companies or industries they are applying for. Whether they’re trying to fulfill school requirements or they’re fresh grads undergoing pre-employment trainings, they are ready and willing to experience what their choice industry has to offer. You take on the role of a mentor with a bunch of people who will soak up anything you have to impart on them. This is the perfect chance to inspire a new generation of workforce. Result? A mutual give-and-take relationship that benefits everyone involved.


2. They bring fresh ideas to the workplace.

Things move at a much faster rate these days and you need to keep up to survive the race. Processes you may have grown to get used to—because you have done them a thousand times—may not necessarily be the best way to approach things. Here’s where an intern’s perspective comes much needed; coming from the hallowed halls of academia, these young people are bursting with fresh ideas that can bring back life into offices everywhere.


3. They’re much more adept at handling new technologies.

Having a hard time finding people to work on your digital campaigns and manage the company’s social media platforms? Let the interns take the reins. Their elders may deride them for spending too much time online, but you can make this work in your favour. The benefits to businesses of engaging in social media cannot be denied and you’d be smart to have their biggest users work for you—with your guidance, of course. Direct them and use their passion for the medium to create amazing campaigns for the company.


4. They’re willing to go the extra mile.

Their enthusiasm can translate to impressive outputs, perhaps more so than their full-time employed counterparts. How so? Aside from the fact that they are studying to become part of your industry someday, they’re also depending on you to get a good performance review for their work. They’re also operating on limited time, with start and end dates in place, so they’re much more likely to put in the extra work to get as much done in the timeframe allowed.


5. They can serve as ambassadors for your brand.

Looking for an easy way to spread the word about your business, especially if you’re just starting out? Turn to your interns for help. Of course it all depends on how you treat them and how they managed their time with you, so make their brief stay with you worth their while. Remember your role as a mentor to them and let them have an internship experience that they will feel proud to have and eventually talk about with their family and friends.


6. They’re a lot less expensive than getting new hires.

While they cannot replace the value of getting more experienced new hires, interns work well as interim employees while you’re trying to fill vacancies.  Manpower shortages can be easily solved by getting additional interns without costing you much. If they’re up for it, give them small projects that they can manage by themselves. We must emphasize though that while there’s no rule for/or against compensation, a little gratuity will go a long way in rewarding them for their efforts.


Given all these reasons, it seems hiring interns for your company seems like a no-brainer. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship—everybody wins in the end.


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