How would you respond if you are right while others not?

Right or Wrong
Have you encountered the following situation?  In a meeting or in a casual conversation, your colleague commented that you were wrong but actually you were right.  How would you respond?

You might want to argue, but then your relationship with colleagues will probably be jeopardized.  There may not be a solution that fits all, but the following points are worth considering before you decide how to react.

Think in different perspectives

We have to be reminded that our colleagues have various backgrounds and they may not think the way you do.  Even if you are certain that you are right, they may not be able to see it through your eyes.  Some people are quite stubborn and it is not easy for them to see things in different angles.  If you bear in mind that people are different, you will at least feel better next time when you’re faced with disagreements.

No direct confrontation

Unless you quit the job right away, you have to continue working with your colleagues. As far as it is possible, direct confrontation should be avoided in order to keep the peace. Even if you choose to argue, keep calm, mind your words and make sure the argument is gentle and constructive.

Prove afterwards

If your colleagues are not persuaded by your words, win them over by your work. It may take time but if what you say is true, your colleagues will realize sooner or later and there is nothing to argue anymore. Be patient and let the truth speak for itself.

Let go

Work is only part of life. Don’t make life too hard. If what you say is true and you have made your point, there is nothing more you have to do. After all, life has to go on and you have other work to do and other working relationships to develop. Don’t get stuck there.


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