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Position Summary – Company Secretary

Company Secretaries are governance professionals who are responsible for ensuring corporate compliance with corporate governance principles, laws, codes, rules, and regulations. Company Secretaries are also called Corporate or Chartered Secretaries, and work across private sector, non-governmental organizations, listed companies, banks, and financial institutions.

Having possessed extensive knowledge of corporate law, accounting and finance, taxation, company’s regulatory requirements and best practices, they advise the company’s board, chairperson or chief executive on various matters to safeguard compliance with regulatory requirements, governance, and compliance issues in accordance with the law, regulations, and listing rules. A Company Secretary often works independently to oversee and provide a range of company secretarial services to an organization.

Their duties involve monitoring the publication of annual and interim reports; facilitating board, committees, and general meetings, as well as taking the minutes of meetings; management of statutory filing including register of shareholders/ directors; overseeing preparation and filing of relevant forms to Companies Registry; handling correspondence with regulatory authorities and government departments; Setting up and assessing guidelines for corporate governance ensuring compliance with listing rules; reviewing legal documents, maintenance of statutory records, and coordinating with stakeholders; providing advice on legal issues to the board; managing share and equity scheme registers as well as overseeing and recording changes in equity ownership and so forth.

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Tips To Write CV For The Position

Below are some tips for writing a CV of Company Secretary

Career Summary/ Objective

  • Include a crisp introductory statement at the top of your CV to help the reader ascertain the relevance of your profile at a quick glance. Highlight the key skills you possess along with the most attractive and impressive points in your work history which make you feel proud of yourself. Tailor the summary according to the requirements for each role to affirm your candidacy and enhance the chances to get the recruiter interested in knowing more about your career background and reading the entire CV.


An independent and well-organized, qualified CPA and associate member of HKICS with over 6 years of vast experience as Company Secretary with fast growing fortune 500 financial services organizations. Possess in-depth understanding of the Companies Ordinance and SFO. Provided a whole range of company secretarial services for a global company with over 5000 staff across 70 offices worldwide.

Emphasize on essential points in Work Experience

  • Share your expertise in organizing and executing board meeting as well as taking minutes; providing governance advice related to organization’s initiatives and new business matters; maintaining relations and coordinating with company secretaries across regional locations; monitoring paralegals regarding governance, regulatory reporting, and additional company secretarial affairs; maintaining share and equity scheme registers along with monitoring and recording changes in equity ownership; supervising periodic reviewal of the overall governance framework for the organization.
  • Bring attention towards your ability to work independently to handle the entire spectrum of corporate secretarial duties. Additionally, lay emphasis on your effective communication and organization skills required to work efficiently with multidisciplinary teams and preparation and maintenance of statutory reports.
  • Focus on your vital skills such as the ability to collaborate closely with stakeholders from different disciplines and within a team as well as to work confidently and effectively with Board members and senior management. Highlight your understanding of the Company Ordinance, Listing Rules, and Securities and Futures Ordinance (SFO).
  • Share the positive outcome of your actions by providing details of challenges you faced and dealt with, and how your company benefitted by the steps taken and your decisions. Provide numeric data, if you can, to emphasize your testimonials.
  • Tailor your CV for every position to which you wish to apply, in accordance with their respective job descriptions. Prioritize the information in the CV based on its importance to a particular role.
  • Select the right template and format to help bring out the most significant details and make the CV attractive. Use professional font and avoid making spelling and grammar mistakes. Keep the length of the CV maximum up to 2 pages by sharing only relevant experience and achievements.


AB Financial Group, Hong Kong

Company Secretary, November, 2017 – March, 2020

  • Effectively handled all legal and corporate matters for portfolio of 20 client companies assisting the Legal officers with closing transactions, preparation and maintenance of statutory documents. Contributed towards completion of 15 new deals.
  • Provided critical support and worked in collaboration with the Governance team, multinationals, corporates and private clients to assist them meet the regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Worked independently to render a whole range of company secretarial services for the Group ensuring compliance with the Listing Rules, applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, handled statutory filings, accurate maintenance of electronic databases, and correspondence with the relevant regulatory authorities and government departments within timelines.
  • Communicated and liaised directly with clients; Maintained the company client files, organized board meetings and took minutes; developed relations with a network of lawyers, accountants, bankers, notaries, and government institutions and other offices worldwide.
  • Monitored the preparation of annual reports, interim reports, various circulars and press announcements of the Group, in addition to organization of board meetings and minute taking.

XYZ Consulting Services, Hong Kong

Company Secretary, January, 2015 – October, 2017

  • Managed full spectrum of the company secretarial responsibilities of the Group and its 5 subsidiaries including banking and asset management companies.
  • Provided assistance with setting up of entities including companies and partnerships in Hong Kong and PRC.
  • Maintained and updated statutory registers and filing ensuring due diligence and compliance with the Companies Ordinance and other statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Maintained share and equity scheme registers, as well as oversaw and recorded changes in equity ownership.

QRS Finance, Hong Kong

Company Secretary, January, 2014 – December, 2015

  • Provided compliance advisory for senior management to meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Organized and attended board, committee, and shareholders meetings as well as accurately prepared minutes and resolutions.
  • Arranged company secretarial and legal documents exhibiting sound knowledge of HKMA regulatory and Banking Ordinance.
  • Advised the board on company ordinance and coordinated with legal counsel on complex matters.

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Key Skills

  • Attention to detail, strong verbal and written communication, effective prioritization and multi-tasking; good interpersonal skills with the ability to deal with confidently with all stakeholders; excellent leadership skills; sound knowledge of listing rules; ability to work independently, and perform under pressure without compromising the quality of work.

Software and Other Technical Skills

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is advantageous. 


Proficient in MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), CSA (The company secretarial software), and Chinese word processing.


  • A bachelor’s degree preferably in Accounting, Finance, or a related field along with relevant professional qualification like HKICS/ ICSA is typically required.
  • Most organizations seek candidates with at least 5 years of relevant working experience in corporate governance and company secretary. However, some companies may also consider candidates with less experience.


Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Accountancy

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

CV Sample for Company Secretary:

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