Resume & CV Sample for Fresh Graduate

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Position Summary – Fresh Graduate

As a fresh or recent graduate, you would probably be wondering how to make your CV look impressive without any work experience except for, may be, volunteer work or internships. It is possible to write an influential and convincing CV, even though you do not have any work experience including volunteer work and internships.  You need to focus on the key elements such as achievements in academics, awards or honours, sports, and other extracurricular activities in addition to your personality traits and transferable skills to set you apart from competition and persuade the employer.

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Tips To Write CV For The Position

Below are some tips for writing a CV of Fresh Graduate

Career Summary/ Objective

  • Include an introductory statement, after the name and contact details, and briefly mention a career objective that complements the job to which you are applying. It is important to use appropriate key words to phrase this section and tailor it in line with each listed job as you may be open to different opportunities to begin your career.


An intellectually curious and self-motivated computer science graduate with passion for technology seeking a meaningful role to begin a career in Information Technology and make a positive impact on customer experience. Skilled at building and troubleshooting codes with willingness  to travel and grow through continuous personal and professional development. 

Emphasize on essential points in Work Experience

  • Draw attention towards your qualification and education in the absence of any internships or volunteer work experience. Include the titles of the degrees/diplomas and the names of universities/institutes in reverse chronological order with the year of completion. Moreover, you may also add the details of relevant topics of the curriculum and the scores achieved.
  • Include details of any awards, recognition, or acknowledgements which you have received either in academics, sports, music, or any other extracurricular activities.
  • Think about the transferable skills you possess such as interpersonal, communication, analytical, numerical, time management, attention to detail, multi-tasking, resourcefulness, creativity, quick thinking, problem solving to name a few. Customize your CV and highlight the most relevant skills for every role as different jobs require different skillsets.
  • Share details if you participated in any debates and competitions, or were involved in organizing or coordinating any exhibitions, fairs, festivals, meetings, conferences etc. at school or university level. Mention if you were part of student council. Elaborate if you were an active member by giving specifics of the role you performed. This will likely be a good practical example of your soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, coordination, management, organization etc., and will help the recruiter recognize your potential.
  • Proficiency in computer is important in most jobs, so highlight your computer skills such as MS Office, social media, data entry, writing blogs, or any other particular software to which you are accustomed.
  • State the level of knowledge of the languages known if you are a bi-lingual or multi-lingual. Mention interests and hobbies if they are related to the role. for example- if you are applying for a Content Writer role, express your interest in blogging, browsing, or reading.
  • Keep your CV short and crisp and do not include too many details or irrelevant information. Do not use email id which is too personal, eccentric, or unconventional, for example- [email protected] or [email protected]. Make sure that the email id you share on the CV is formal and professional. It should ideally include your first name and last name, for example- [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Use simple language, clear (easy to read) font, and professional format. Avoid using fancy templates, jargons and complicated sentences. Proof read your CV a few times to check for any spelling and grammar mistakes.

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CV Sample for Fresh Graduate:


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疫市令不少人求工若渴,而較易誤墮伏工陷阱,尤其閱歷淺的Fresh Grad,更易後知後覺才發現原來已經中伏。所以在搵工時,一定要多做功課,深入了解所應徵的公司風評,到底是好還是爛。雖然簽一份Appointment Letter的後果,並不如簽生死狀那麼嚴重,但求職者如果能「及早檢測」,就可提前避免中伏風險。 求職者點至可以對未來僱主做Reference Check? 企業決定下聘書、正式給予求職者Offer前,都會經過一連串Reference Check程序,才會安心出Offer Letter;但作為應徵者,又怎樣可知道,這位未來僱主是可堪信賴,能夠為員工職涯帶來前景的好公司?替不同行業進行人才配對的Six People Map表示,不論是知名度大的企業,抑或公司透明度不那麼高的中小企,求職者只要肯做功課,應不難分辨風評好壞,可防被吸進伏工黑洞。...
想像一下自己正在面試,而對面的HR經過多輪面試後,已有些疲態——但他們仍敬業地抖擻精神,就你的背景、工作經驗和期望提問;但當你開始回答時,他們就將視線轉移到筆電的屏幕上或低頭看他們的筆記本,讓你開始懷疑他們是否還在聽。 如果你遇過類似情況,你要知道自己並非單一例子。求職者普遍認為只要在面試的過程中充分交代自己的專業資格、工作成就等,就能表現出對工作的熱誠。但是,大部分人忽略了你所傳達的訊息能否成功吸引對方的注意力。求職者都知道要在面試中保持專業和積極的態度,卻遺忘了鮮為人知的一種溝通技巧,就是使用標示語。如能有效使用標示語,就能令你交代的事情變得清晰,引起其他人聽下去的興趣。 甚麼是標示語? 標示語是指可以連貫說話內容的單詞和短句,以便聽眾可以輕鬆理解和掌握你所講的內容。它是有指標性的,用以幫助對方清楚地了解你提及的所指何物,以及接下來將要交代的事情,為整段話的內容架起結構。 ▪ 2021年招聘新趨勢!態度、個性較First Hon畢業重要 求職面試如何加分? ▪ Cover...
Work Anytime, Anywhere的彈性上班模式,過往只會在科創公司見到,但一場疫情令在家工作(Work From Home)愈來愈普遍後,一種新的工作模式:混合辦公模式(Hybrid Work Model),已開始被不同企業採用。人力資源顧問表示,這種允許員工有部分時間Work From Home,部分時間返回公司上班的安排,已漸漸成為後疫情時代的職場新常態。 Hybrid工作新機制下,同1份工,有2種上班模式...


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