Resume & CV Sample for Public Relations Officer

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Position Summary- Public Relations Officer

Public Relations officers act as the brand ambassador to ensure that all published content echoes the organisation’s values and vision. They are responsible to develop and implement PR strategies to enhance company’s image and brand value and ensure effective communication with stakeholders, media, and the public. Alongside strong writing and editing skills, they need to have a good understanding of digital communication channels and tools.

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The job involves strategizing effective circulation of internal and external communications including newsletters, campaigns, speeches, press releases and other promotional material. They gather success stories within the business and convert them into case study examples for marketing and business development purposes. They also address enquiries from the media, and monitor media coverage.

Public Relations Officers are often employed by Advertising & marketing agencies, PR consultancy firms, Large corporate organisations, Government organisations, Philanthropic firms, and Political parties etc.

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Tips To Write CV For The Position

Below are some tips for writing a CV of Public Relations Officer


  • To write an effective summary statement that grabs the attention of the recruiter, make sure that you read the job description carefully to spot the most relevant key words that match with your experience. Along with your title and years of experience, focus on essential key skills and quantifiable achievements to make your CV stand out.


A highly energetic and focused Public Relations Officer with over 6 years of experience and excellent command over English and Cantonese. A team player with expertise in creative writing, editing and publishing in addition to organising PR campaigns, press conferences and maintaining media relations. Handled Public Relations for an organisation with over 5000 employees across 25 locations.

Emphasize on essential points in Work Experience

  • Align your CV with the job description for each role you are applying for, to demonstrate the unique blend of your skills and experience.
  • Explain how your previous roles helped you acquire the skills required for the listed job that set you apart from competition and make you a desirable candidate. Focus on your key skills and back them up with examples of how you used them to achieve certain results. Share numeric achievements, for example- ideated, created, and distributed quarterly newsletters to over 800 end-users.
  • Highlight your substantial and vibrant experience about research, writing, editing and organising the effective distribution of press releases to targeted media and other recipients; devising and implementing corporate communication strategies and organizing corporate promotional events; building rapport with related regulatory bodies and other influential organisations displaying strong communication and interpersonal skills; accurately handling company accounts on social media; liaising with other departments for preparing corporate publications.
  • It’s important to get your basics right to create an effective CV. Choose a reverse chronological format, a professional and clear font for your resume with appropriate margins. Ensure that there are no spelling/ grammatical errors and no mistakes in crucial information such as email id and contact number etc.


PQ Telecom, Hong Kong

Public Relations Officer, September, 2015 – April, 2019

  • Developed and executed global PR strategy to drive business in existing markets and launched the brand into 15 new territories.
  • Managed the global PR budget putting cost control measures into practice and maximising ROI by 60%.
  • Built and maintained relationships with the media and other influencers ensuring that messages and briefs are in line with the organisation’s objectives.
  • Planned and implemented creative campaigns to raise awareness and gain coverage in the media.


XY Group, Hong Kong

Public Relations Officer, August, 2013 – September, 2015

  • Acted as the first point of contact for all incoming media enquiries, and gained coverage for the brand by building relationships with key journalists resulting in winning over 20 sponsors.
  • Leveraged existing media relationships and cultivated new contacts in business and industry media; Directed in-house social media team to engage audiences across traditional and new media thereby increasing viewers and visitors by approximately 60%.
  • Generated content for press releases, articles and important presentations along with providing strategic leadership to creative team with day-to-day operational management.


AB Media, Hong Kong

Public Relations- Intern, April, 2013 – July, 2013

  • Produced brochures, leaflets and videos; Organised press briefings and news conferences.
  • Attended and organised exhibitions and conferences; Monitored, analysed and communicated PR results.

Key Skills

  • Some of the important key skills for public relations officers are excellent verbal and written communication, interpersonal skills, presentation skills, ability to prioritize and work independently under pressure, research & editing, creativity, problem-solving , and organizational skills.

Software Skills

  • Proficiency in MS Office and social media and knowledge of Apple iPhoto/ Adobe Photoshop, web design software, and social media applications are usually desirable.


Proficient in MS word, Excel with hand-on experience in Photoshop and social media interface including Facebook and Twitter


  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Journalism, Communications or a related field is typically required for this role. However, some employers may prefer a master’s degree or MBA.


Bachelor of Journalism

The University of Hong Kong

CV Sample for Public Relations Officer:


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