Resume & CV Sample for Social Media Editor

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Position Summary – Social Media Editor

Social Media Editors are often responsible for the management and growth of social media presence through development of engaging content for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. They organize and manage schedules for publishing digital content, as well as work closely with bloggers, content writers, and editorial team to augment social posts on the company’s website and other social media channels. Their responsibilities may include generation of original materials like copy, photographs and video production as well as curation of existing resources from vendors, partners, and other sources.

Social Media Editors require the ability to juggle with multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment, perform under pressure, and adhere to deadlines.

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Tips To Write CV For The Position

Below are some tips for writing a CV of Social Media Editor

Career Summary/ Objective

  • An effective and compelling resume summary helps you make a strong first impression on recruiters. Tailor your resume summary to match with the requirements for each job and highlight the most relevant experience, core skills, and key achievements.


An analytical Social Media Manager with strong communication and over 4 years of work experience. Demonstrated knowledge of social media promotion and leading platforms like  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Expertise in digital content development and analytics tools. Managed multiple projects across 5 locations and successfully met deadlines.

Emphasize on essential points in Work Experience

  • Read the job description for each listed position carefully and customise your CV accordingly using the appropriate key words to get shortlisted by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • Emphasize the relevant skills you possess, such as creativity, content curation, communication, networking skills, teamwork and the like, by stating how well you communicated and collaborated with inhouse content and editing teams, vendors, and other influencers to generate and publish appealing digital content, that helped reaching out to target audience and resulted in significant increase in customers and viewers.
  • Share your prior experience and achievements in creating relevant and trending editorial content to maximize engagement with followers and target audiences. Give numbers to lay emphasis on your claims and enhance their credibility.
  • Point out if you have prioritized, managed and completed multiple projects simultaneously within deadlines across different locations. Share experience in tracking traffic growth and reporting progress. Highlight your up to date knowledge of existing social media trends, innovations, and best practices along with sound understanding of marketing digital content.
  • Make sure that your CV is to the point, short and concise. It must effectively communicate your key skills and achievements in line with the role without any spelling and grammatical errors.


DE Corp, Hong Kong

Social Media Editor, January, 2019 – February, 2020

  • Grew social communities by 200% in 90 days through generation of unique ideas, creative headlines, and engaging content that helped reaching out to target audience.
  • Facilitated day-to-day social media content creation and programming. Effectively used analytics tools and data from a variety of sources to make informed decisions, improve social media performance, and stay up to date with trends for future content creation.
  • Generated and displayed engaging videos across social networks by working in coordination with the digital editor and Video team, in addition to other departments and stakeholders around 5 locations.
  • Ideated, created, edited, and managed social media content for a range of daily, weekly, and monthly initiatives. Worked in collaboration and shared insights with team members.

AB Brands, Hong Kong

Social Media Editor, November, 2016 – December, 2018

  • Grew the company’s digital presence manifold to over 1 million visits per month across social media pages by outlining an effective social media strategy.
  • Generated and curated original content, photographs, and videos for web pages, blog posts, and social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Contributed significantly towards increased engagement, visibility, referral traffic and followers. Scheduled and managed social posts across all platforms.
  • Researched, identified, and implemented new techniques to articulate brand story telling as well as worked closely with online team to create innovative styles to exhibit the editorial content.

XY Digital, Hong Kong

Associate Social Media Editor, January, 2016 – October, 2016

  • Managed social strategies across platforms; coordinated with the editorial and social teams to publish engaging content.
  • Pitched innovative social concepts and ideas on a regular basis as well as managed social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Tracked growth and success across social channels using analytical tools and ensured timely reporting every week.

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Key Skills

  • content curation, written and verbal communication skills; organization skills, detail-oriented, ability to prioritize and multi-task; collaboration, self-motivated and proactive, adaptability to change, analytical, editorial sensibility, sound knowledge of social media trends, customer-focused, and passion for social media are some of the sought after skills.

Software and Other Technical Skills

  • A high level of computer literacy is generally required for the role of Social Media Manager. Knowledge of a variety of analytics tools, Adobe CC packages, content management systems, and WeChat is often useful.


Hands on experience in MS Word, social media, Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Manager, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, WeChat, and  Weibo.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, or a related field is preferred by most employers


Bachelor of Journalism

The University of Hong Kong

CV Sample for Social Medial Editor:

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