Resume & CV Writing Tips and Sample Telesales (Telemarketing)

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Position Summary – Telesales (Telemarketing)

Telesales and Telemarketing Executives are often responsible for contacting businesses and individuals through telephone to promote and sell company’s products and services. They collect customer information, verify details and organize site visits and consultations. Their role involves conducting market research to find contact details of prospective clients; explaining products and services to potential customers; developing and modifying scripted sales pitch as per customer requirements; recording and updating customer information in database including contact details and customer feedback on products and services; scheduling appointments for sales staff to meet potential customers; attending telephone enquiries from customers and contacting them for follow-up on earlier conversations.

Telesales/ Telemarketing professionals need to be confident over the phone with excellent communication skills and telephone mannerism as they are often required to generate new business by cold calling prospective customers. They also require self-motivation, strength and resilience to accept and handle the pressure of failure and move on to connecting with and convince potential clients through their engaging and persuasive attitude.

Telesales Executives grow to be Telesales Supervisors/ Managers/ or Head of Telesales and so on. In a senior role, telesales professionals are generally required to manage a telesales team to achieve sales targets including recruiting and training team members, monitoring team performance, putting systems and strategies in place to make the team successful and accomplish assigned targets, handling escalated complaints from clients, preparing scripts for sales pitch, and monitoring calls to ensure quality service and the like.


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Tips To Write CV For The Position

Below are some tips for writing a CV of Tele-sales (Telemarketing)

Career Summary/ Objective

  • Use this introductory paragraph as an opportunity to convince the recruiter about the relevance of your profile at a quick glance. Include your career highlights, education, specific skills and achievements in alignment with the requirements of each listed role. Incorporate appropriate key words from the job description and share 1 or 2 numeric achievements, if possible.


A self-motivated and result-oriented seasoned telesales professional with over 4 years of experience in telesales and telemarketing across banking and financial industry. Possess excellent communication and presentation skills with proven track record of successfully meeting 100% telesales targets. Clearly and concisely explained complex products to team members and customers.

Emphasize on essential points in Work Experience

  • Draw attention towards your ability to communicate clearly in a professional manner, expertise in relationship building, and closing deals over the phone along with your knowledge of sales and marketing techniques.
  • Share relevant work experience in sales, marketing, promotions, or telemarketing either in B2B or B2C sales such as generating leads and new business; conducting market research and surveys to gather information and collect customer feedback; building, managing, and reporting sales pipeline; recruiting and training team members; answering customer enquiries and resolving issues; maintaining and updating customer database etc. Share quantitative information wherever applicable to support your statements. For example- Researched contact details and connected with approximately 500 prospective clients every week through cold calling and successfully closed about 75% deals within a month.
  • Customize your CV in accordance with the requirements for each position to which you are applying by using suitable key words from the job description and prioritizing most relevant information. Keep your CV short, concise, and crisp by sharing only relevant details, and avoid repetition.
  • Skim through your CV a few times and, if possible, get someone else to proofread it for you to eliminate errors. Select a professional template and format for your CV and use clear font to make it quicker and easier to read and understand.


MN Financial Services, Hong Kong

Telesales Supervisor, September, 2018 – May, 2020

  • Recruited, trained and managed a telesales team of 10 executives and achieved 100% sales quota. Conducted team briefing for telesales staff and monitored calls to ensure quality service.
  • Monitored and evaluated team performance based on key performance indicators (KPI), customer contact rate, and conversion rate.
  • Diplomatically and constructively handled and resolved escalated complaints ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Drafted sales scripts, MIS reports and corroborated monthly incentive calculation.
  • Called and emailed prospective clients as well as kept notes on each account through CRM system.
  • Maintained up to date knowledge of products and services

DE Finance Ltd, Hong Kong

Telesales ExecutiveJanuary, 2017 – August, 2018

  • Built long term relations with existing customers through proactive and quality service resulting in 95% customer retention rate in a year.
  • Introduced company’s financial products and services to potential customers through outbound calls. Connected with about 200 prospective clients on a daily basis.
  • Listened carefully to customers and assessed their requirements to make appropriate recommendations.
  • Clearly and professionally communicated with customers over the phone to respond to enquiries as well as to explain products and services, share quotations, schedule visits, book orders, resolve complaints, and follow up on existing cases.
  • Maintained and updated customer information in CRM database ensuring accuracy.

ABCD Bank, Hong Kong

Telemarketing ExecutiveApril, 2016 – December, 2016

  • Researched market to gather information and customer potential customer contact details.
  • Initiated unsolicited calls to prospective customers in order to promote Bank’s loan related offers.
  • Made solicited calls to existing customers to conduct customer satisfaction survey.

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Key Skills

  • Effective Communication skills, persuasiveness, adaptability, initiative, tenacious, resilience, negotiation skills, ability to work under pressure and meet targets, energy, self-motivation, proactiveness with the ability to think outside the box, positive attitude, problem solving skills, flexibility, accuracy, and Patient with the ability to handle customer rejection are some of the important key skills.

Software and Other Technical Skills

  • Working knowledge of relevant computer programs such as MS Office suite and CRM software in addition to telephone systems would be valuable.


Hand-on experience in MS Office Suite and CRM Software


  • Secondary Education/ HKDSE/ HKCEE or above is generally required by most employers.


Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education

CV Sample for Telesales (Telemarketing):

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