The Right Shoes for a Job Interview

Dressing to impress is an important part of the job search process especially if you are at the stage of a job interview. It will help you feel more confident about yourself while leaving a good first impression to potential employers. You may already have an interview suit that looks professional. But have you picked your shoes yet?

Here are some helpful tips when shopping for that perfect footwear:


Men’s Shoes
Black Leather

When it comes to job interview, the black leather shoe is always your first choice. Black leather shoes add a huge amount of sophistication and personality to any male job seekers. In a survey, 80% of the respondents consider shoes worn to an interview as “extremely important”. Most hiring managers also admitted that they looked at an applicant’s shoe when they entered the interview room. A dusty, dry or cracked shoe is likely to turn off potential employers and leave a very bad first impression. It is in your best interest to polish the material to perfection. Do not forget to check the side soles too.

Brown Boat Shoes
Boat shoes are great for interview appointments. Pick one in neutral shades that can match any outfit easily. Similar to what you do with black leather, make sure they are well-polished. Wipe sand, dirt, and dust off the surface and do the same with the entire side area.

Women’s Shoes
Open or Closed Toe

Women have more options when it comes to picking shoes for interview invitations. The unlimited option often leads to questions like whether to wear an open or closed toe shoe. An important factor to consider is how your toes look like when you go with an open-toe shoe. Toenails should look neat and netural nail polish shades are recommended. Like men, you better pick black or brown shoes to maintain a professional image.

High Heels or Flat Shoes
It is a matter of personal preference. If you have no problem walking around in high heels, then go with them. It’s recommended that you stick to short-to-medium size high heels though so you feel comfortable whether you’re standing up or sitting down. Avoid wearing flat shoes, especially if you are rather short. The best heel is one that allows you to look at your interviewer at an eye level while standing.

Shoes are an important part of your interview outfit. You need to pick one that matches your clothes. In the end, you want to make a positive impression so that you are one step closer to winning the job!

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