Sample of Meeting Minutes

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Many employees have to handle clerical tasks and minute-taking, which are not merely the duties of secretaries. There are different voices in a meeting, how should we take minutes so as to facilitate the follow-up work? The following is a sample of minutes taken in a meeting for your reference.


Hong Kong Professional Photographic Society
Minutes of Third Regular Meeting 2018/19

Date: 6 March 2018
Time: 5 p.m.
Venue: Meeting Room 1


Chairman – Mr Lau Ka-wai

Members – 

Mr Chan Chi-fat
Mr Yau Hok-kun
Mr Ng Tim
Ms Lee Ning
Ms Yeung Sau-yung

In Attendance: Mr Ng Ka-wai

Recorded by: Mr Chan Keung

1. Review of Previous Minutes

Members accepted the agendas of this meeting and minutes of the prior meeting.

2. Discussion items

Society affairs:

a) Yau Hok-kun updates the website content.

b) Yeung Sau-yung handles the membership fee of this month.

c) Previously some members said the website did not function properly, Yau Hok-kun has solved the issue.


a) Yeung Sau-yung, the person-in-charge of the photography exhibition held on 30 April, reported the progress of the exhibition. She said the photo-printing vendor could not deliver the photos by the scheduled date and suggested switching to another vendor. Lau Ka-wai agreed with Yeung Sau-yung and asked her to report the quotation of new vendors in the next meeting.

[When members voice out different opinions, sum up their comments in the minutes.]

b) Regarding the industry gathering held at the end of the year, Ng Tim wondered if it was appropriate to follow what they did last year. He thought much food was wasted in the last year’s gathering and the counterparts lacked opportunities to exchange their views.

Lau Ka-wai, the person-in-charge of the last year’s gathering, responded Ng that it was not necessary to follow suit. He suggested identifying the shortcomings of last year’s gathering before discussing any particulars of the gathering held at the end of the year.

[When members raise questions on a particular agenda, identify the issue before taking down any relevant responses.]

c) Yau Hok-kun believed that sharing sessions for photographers should be carried out in the industry gathering, instead of inviting performing guests. Lee Ning, Yeung Sau-yung and Ng Tim held contrary opinions. Both parties have yet to reach a consensus. Chairman suggested they source information and propose the guests they would like to invite to the gathering in the next meeting before making further decisions.

[When there are dissenting voices, sum up the main points in the minutes, avoid noting down their opinions word for word. Observe if a consensus is reached at the end, if not, note down the ways of handling.]

d) Chan Keung represented Chairman to attend the gathering held by the Overseas Press Photographers Association. During the gathering, a company showed its interests in collaborating with us. The follow-up tasks of Chan Keung include:

  • Sourcing relevant information of that company
  • Proposing collaboration initiatives
  • Scheduling a discussion meeting with the company

[The activities suggested in the meeting may have a lot of follow-up tasks. To make the minutes more reader-friendly, present the items in point form.]

e)  The event of Hong Kong Photography can proceed, Ng Tim suggested holding a round-table conference with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and collecting opinions from members through the newsletter.

Promotional literature:

a) Chan Chi-fat handles the promotional literature of “Summer Vacation Photography Workcamp” and photography exhibition. He confirmed recruiting designers to carry out the design work for the publications.

b) He will report the design quotation next week.

3. Others

Lau Ka-wai will represent the Society to attend a forum in Shenzhen next week. The next meeting will be hosted by Vice-Chairman Chan Chi-fat.

4. Next meeting

The next meeting will be held within the period of 17-20 March 2018, the exact meeting date and time will be discussed via WhatsApp.

[Many samples cover the meeting date and venue of the next meeting, but it is difficult to fix the date during the meeting in reality. It is appropriate to report the actual circumstance to avoid confusion.]




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