Sample Q&A for Job Interviews

interview questions and answers

When you attend a job interview, you have to answer a lot of questions within some 30 minutes to an hour on average. The following are questions most employers would ask. The suggested answers are for your reference only. Before you attend any interview, spend some time reading these questions and customising the answers to your own vocabulary and target job.

Q: Tell me something about yourself.
    A: (Tell the employer your current job and character traits which can relate to your job)
    I am a sales executive. I am energetic and responsible. I like meeting people. I am a good listener and can communicate effectively with different levels of people.
Q: What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    A: (Tell the employer your strengths which are specifically essential in the job area you are applying for) I can get along with people easily and I am a good team player. I am a fast worker.
    (Tell the employer areas you need to improve or weaknesses that are not mortal) I occasionally received comments that I need to improve in the area of filing.
Q: What made you apply for this job?
    A: This job offers everything I have been looking for in terms of position and environment. My past experience in organising corporate events and planning PR functions matches the requirements of this job.
Q: Why did you leave your current job?
    A: The company I am currently working for does not offer opportunities for me to further develop my potential because the company is restructuring / downsizing.
Q: What is your long-term career goal?
    A: In the field of advertising, I plan to get to the position of account manager. I have developed a career plan and would like to spend xx years to achieve my goal. This position you are offering is an important step in carrying out this plan.
Q: What do you know about our company?
    A: (Find out some positive facts about the company) I know that your company has xx areas of business and the growth in business has been increasing 5% every year. I heard that your company provides a very creative environment for staff to work so that they can fully develop their potential.
Q: What do you think are your special qualifications for this job?
    A: (You can mention specific training or experience you have) I have hands-on experience in dealing with a few difficult clients well-known in the market, and so I think I can help increase the sales of the company by expanding the client base

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