Sample resume for fresh graduates (IT professional)

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 Sample Resume for Fresh Graduates (IT Professional)

As a fresh graduate applying for an entry-level position, you don’t have to worry about your lack of work experience. What you have to do is creating a compelling and strong resume that can brandish all your relevant skills and experience for you to ultimately get the job that you want.

Never bother with cookie-cutter resume formats or overused resume templates because chances are, the hiring manager has already seen a lot of it. You need a personalised resume that stands out. Below are two sample resume formats for your guidance. Adapt them to fit your needs and showcase your unique value as a candidate to your potential employer.510x120-v5

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Sample Resume Format 1

Sample Resume for Fresh Graduates IT Professional

Writing Tip:

Using bullets will make your resume reader-friendly. However, they should be used consistently and only when necessary. On the sample resume above, technical skills, personal skills and achievement and responsibilities are bulleted, while career objective and pre-professional experience come in paragraph or sentence form.

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Sample Resume Format 2

Sample Resume for Fresh Graduates IT Professional

Writing Tip:

Keep the format of your resume as simple and clean as possible. Stay away from strong colours and fancy font styles as they are nothing but distraction to the reader. You can use bold and italicised text, however, to highlight some of the more important details. For the sample resume provided above, important information such names and titles are in bold while the description provided for the role “Technical Support Intern” (under pre-professional experience) is italicised.


For more resume writing advice and tips, visit jobsDB’s “Guide to the Perfect Resume“. 


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