A caring company and staff building homes with heart


Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP) is one of the largest property developers in Hong Kong and eighth on the jobsDB 2016 list of Top 10 Companies. It is praised for extensive opportunities for promotion and development, along with competitive salary and perks. Head of Internal Affairs Chak-hin Tang explains how SHKP became a caring company that fosters continuous growth in employees and sustained business development.

Valuing long-term staff development and continuous learning

“SHKP focuses on developing talent over the long term so we make a huge investment in staff training. Our training section provides a diverse range of courses and we have an innovative, inter-disciplinary SHKP Quality Academy that helps staff in different fields gain useful knowledge through enhanced learning. Those who want to do further studies can apply for sponsorships and we have a management trainee programme offering new graduates broad exposure working in different departments. Colleagues can apply for internal transfers if they aspire to challenge themselves in different roles. These measures are all meant to enrich staff knowledge and skills to facilitate work,” said Tang.

Excellent corporate culture attracts high-calibre talent

Being a major listed company in the city with business spanning eight main sectors and abundant opportunities for learning and promotion makes SHKP attractive to job seekers. The company also has a presence in mainland China so employees can fulfill different roles and understand regional culture first hand. Staff tend to be more motivated in large corporations with a solid direction for professional development, and the ample support at SHKP boosts work confidence.

Staff motivated to build homes with heart

“SHKP believes in Building Homes with Heart. Home here means first that SHKP builds quality developments for people to live in,” said Tang, “but also applies to the larger Hong Kong community that we have helped create with premium shopping malls where people can happily spend time together. SHKP and its staff are proud of the excellent quality of its products and services and the company can attract top employees who share its values.”

Generous remuneration for deserving staff

Mr Tang says that SHKP keeps abreast of market trends and rewards staff with competitive salaries based on performance – the greater the contribution the greater the reward. He said, “SHKP is a caring company. Apart from medical insurance, paid leave and various allowances, staff also enjoy free lunch and fruit at work. SHKP encourages and sponsors its staff in charity sporting events like the Sun Hung Kai Properties Hong Kong Cyclothon and SHKP Vertical Run for Charity – Race to Hong Kong ICC to engage them in healthy, sustainable living style. Various interest classes are also available for staff to ensure a work-life balance including rice dumpling workshops for Dragon Boat Festival, flower arranging classes for Mother’s Day and more.” SHKP also keeps up with the times, setting aside friendly space for new mothers who want to pump breast milk.


Annual SHKP Vertical Run for Charity – Race to Hong Kong ICC encourages exercise for good


Floral arrangement class for Mother’s Day

Engaging outstanding talent through multiple channels

SHKP places great importance to hiring. The company looks for qualified talent through its corporate website, job portals and newspapers, depending on the rank and nature of the position. Referrals from current staff are also encouraged.

Building employer brand on social media

SHKP regularly puts out news on social media so people including potential employees can know more about the company and its culture, and it additionally takes part in various campaigns to spread the idea of staff care and being family friendly.

Mr Tang said, “SHKP’s image as an employer is grounded in its dedication to product and service quality, plus the consistent effort of our outstanding employees. The two attributes complement each other.”


What makes people happy to work here?


Nathan Law, Project Officer – Sales (left):


“What makes me happiest working at SHKP is the prestigious company reputation and trust we have earned from customers. When they sign sale and purchase agreements without hesitation it means they believe in our product quality. I am particularly proud as an SHKP employee.

What’s more, the company provides resources for training and education. I am now being sponsored on a master’s degree, which motivates me to be more dedicated in my work and boosts my professional knowledge.”


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