Six Signs of a Bad Interview


Many candidates feel confused because they don’t know how the interview went.  In many cases it is quite difficult to find the answer as few companies give feedback on your interview.

If you don’t hear back after an interview, it’s likely that you fail to win the heart of the employer. The following tips may help you spot the signs of a bad interview:

  1. The Interview was Too Short!

A typical interview should last around 30 minutes and a really good interview could even last longer.  The length of the interview shows that the interviewer is seriously interested in getting to know you and is genuinely considering your job application.  If the interview lasts less than 15 minutes, then you have a problem.

You don’t have to wait till the end of the interview to help save it, the moment you see or feel that the interviewer is unimpressed, attempt to get the interview back on track by asking questions to show your interest and dedication to the job.  Alternatively, you can also try to save the interview by owning up to the fact that the interview did not go as planned and that you’d want to try and explain your answer again.

  1.  Your Skills Don’t Get Mentioned

If the interviewer does not make an effort to ask about the skills you have, it could be because they are not interested in hiring you.

While this is not a clear-cut sign that you failed the interview, you can attempt to get their attention by asking questions about the job opening.  It is important that you research about the position and the company extensively so you’re able to ask intelligent and relevant questions.  If you play your cards right, you may be able to get the interviewer to warm up to you slightly increasing your chances of being considered for the vacancy.

  1. The Interviewer is Easily Distracted

The purpose of an interview is to gather relevant information about the candidate. So it’s natural for the interviewer to focus their attention on you.  If they’re easily distracted or goes in and out of the interview room quite often, your chance of getting the job is slim.

  1. The Interviewer Does Not Smile

A hint of smile means that the interviewer is genuinely happy to be talking to you. If the hiring manager doesn’t smile at you, that’s an indication that you are just not making enough positive impression on them.

If this happens, you shouldn’t let it stop you from smiling at them.  This will help you look more pleasant, more interested, and more open-minded about the interview.

  1.  Interview versus Interrogation

A job interview should feel like a conversation and there should be an exchange of questions and answers between you and the interviewer.  A one-sided conversation bordering on interrogation is definitely not a good sign.

If you feel like you’re being interrogated, remain calm and pleasant and resolve to do your best.

  1.  “We’re Still Interviewing People”

When the interviewer told you that they are still interviewing other candidates, it could mean that he is still searching for the best candidate.

Don’t feel bad if you get the same response from an employer.  Companies usually make hiring decisions after they meet all the candidates.

Job interviews can end up entirely different from how you pictured it to be.  Whether the result of all your efforts is positive or negative, the lessons you gain from the experience will only make your future interviews easier.

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