Six Warning Signs: How to Spot a Bad Company

Before accepting a job offer, it’s extremely important for you to get a deeper understanding of the company that’s going to hire you.  While it isn’t easy to identify which company is good or bad for you, there are certain warning signs that can help you spot a bad company during the hiring process.  The following article may give you some hints:???????????

  1.  Unprofessional Communication

How the company’s HR treats you reflects how you will be treated once you join the company.  Throughout the hiring process, the communication between you and the hiring manager should be respectful and professional.  If the hiring manager fails to provide you with a clear idea of the hiring process as well as a feedback regarding your application status, chances are the company is unprofessional.  This also gives a clear sign that the company doesn’t show proper respect to applicants.

  1.  Apparent Distrust from Hiring Managers

Employers conduct background and reference checks to make sure the people they hire are who and what they claim to be. This is especially true if you will be handling sensitive and confidential information as part of your daily tasks. The proper manner of handling background checks should be objective and non-accusatory. Employers that openly distrust potential candidates probably distrust people already working for them. It’s definitely not your choice to work in an environment with trust issues.

  1. Unfriendly Office Personalities

Before you decide to take the job, make sure to talk to the interviewer about your work style and ethics to find out if it’s compatible to that of the company.  If you feel that they are not as open to it as expected, you may want to make further considerations.  Once you meet your manager or have been introduced to the rest of the people you will be working closely, follow your instincts. If you feel an active dislike to the manager or to the majority of the team, it may be wise to turn down the offer.

  1.  Negative Corporate Image

You never want to work for a company that doesn’t make any effort to maintain a good corporate image.  With the internet, it’s easy to find out current news about the company.  There are online forums you can check to read about what former and current employees have to say about a company.  If after thorough investigation you find out that most of the negative comments are with basis, it may not be worth your while to pursue your application with the company.

  1. Unclear Job Responsibilities and Goals

The hiring manager and your immediate supervisor should be able to discuss with you the job responsibilities and expectations clearly. They should also provide you with a solid idea of how your performance will be measured and what key areas they want you to focus on. If you get conflicting instructions and information from them, try to schedule a detailed discussion to clearly define your role. Taking a job where there are no clear goals for you to work on is always undesirable.

  1.  Getting Hired Without Going Through the Usual Procedure

Interview, written test, background and reference checks are all part of the usual job application procedure.  While getting hired without going through one or all of them is not always a bad thing, you should know why they skip some steps.  A desperate-sounding employer is usually a danger sign.

If you don’t feel too confident with the job offer, hold off making the decision and do some more research to minimise the risk of joining a company you don’t like.

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