Standard Working Hours Committee Commences Public Consultation

The Standard Working Hours Committee, a non-statutory consultative body set up by the government, has launched its public engagement and consultation exercise on working hours, and met with two employers’ associations and a labour organisation to listen to their views on working hours issues.

The Chairperson of the Committee, Dr Leong Che-hung, said after the meetings, “The Committee today had frank and constructive exchanges with the relevant organisations. The information gathered enhanced the Committee’s understanding of the views of different organisations on working hours. In addition to the meetings today, the Committee will meet other major employers’ associations and labour organisations in February.”

“The Committee will also organise symposia and forums later to conduct consultation in four areas, namely (i) the sectors with relatively longer working hours mentioned in the Report of the Policy Study on Standard Working Hours, (ii) specific professions, (iii) the general public in districts, and (iv) other major industries and organisations, to widely listen to the views of the community on working hours issues. More than 30 consultation sessions are expected to be convened in the first half of this year.”

Apart from consultation sessions, members of the public are welcome to give views by emails, fax or letters. For details, please visit the Committee website.

The SWHC comprises a Chairperson and 23 members, including 12 serving members (employer and employee representatives) of the Labour Advisory Board. Of the remaining 11 members, one each comes from the labour sector and the business field, and three each from the academia, the community and the Government.

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