Why we should strive to have happy employees

happy employees

Only 12% of Hong Kong’s workers are happy, that is according to a Randstad Workmonitor survey, in which Hong Kong was found to be one of the three locations outside Europe with the most dissatisfied employees.

Happiness at work? Does it matter?

Absolutely yes! Employers and managers are now realizing that satisfying the needs of their workers contributes a lot to the success of their companies. According to psychotherapist and author Diane Lang, happy employees work better and smarter. They get along well with their colleagues, are less prone to absenteeism and have longer tenures. To achieve this, companies are devising ingenious ways to keep their employees satisfied. In fact, tech giant Google even employs somebody to do just that, with the job title “Chief Culture Officer” and whose responsibility is to maintain the company’s culture and ensure that their employees are happy. 

What are some simple ways to keep employees happy?

The good news is companies don’t have to resort to expensive methods to keep their employees happy. It starts with maintaining an open dialogue with the employees. Take time to listen to them and pay close attention to their concerns. Choose a day each week for these catch-up sessions.

Praises also go a long way in ensuring that employees are satisfied. These include small tokens of appreciation, even simple words of encouragement to let staff know that their hard work is recognized.

Lastly, promote the concept of “work-life balance”. Organizing recreational activities may be good, but offering extra time off is even better. Sometimes, it all takes for one stressed out employee is some time away from work to relax and unwind. A more flexible schedule may also do wonders to your employees’ motivation for work. If it’s feasible, allow them to pick their schedules or perhaps even provide some telecommuting options so they can work from home. This is a welcome treat especially to parents who are taking care of young children.

Employees devote more or less 40 – 50 hours of their time to work each week. It is then crucial for managers and HR professionals to give them their due for the hard work they are doing each day. Let us keep our workplaces happy and our employees thriving!


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