Sun Hung Kai Properties — Rooted in Hong Kong, devoted to employees and community


“We offer employees miscellaneous benefits and long-range training programmes, enabling them to develop their professional expertise thoroughly.”

Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. (“SHKP”) is voted seventh in the jobsDB’s 2017 Top 10 Companies Survey. Group Head of Internal Affairs Department Chak-hin Tang believes that SHKP, one of the well-established property developers in Hong Kong, became a top ten because of two main factors—being rooted in Hong Kong and generous employee benefits.

Thoughtful welfare for employee well-being

“The welfare system of SHKP is comprehensive and diverse, catering to the needs of employees. We collect market insights through various channels to devise competitive salary and welfare schemes. For staff who would like to pursue further studies, we provide subsidies to them,” said Tang.

“SHKP has been providing complimentary healthy lunches to staff for over four decades, and we organise a rich array of leisure activities, such as fitness programmes, floral design and cooking classes, among others. Many of our activities, like movie enjoyment and parent-child cooking classes, allow employees to enjoy spending time with their family members. We also have an undergraduate scholarships programme for their children. Every year we subsidise some of the employees’ young children for joining overseas exchange programmes, which renders the next generation an opportunity to broaden their horizon.”


Motivate employees and their family to join sports activities to pursue a healthy lifestyle

Rooted in Hong Kong and devoted to the community

Apart from caring for the well-being of employees and their family, Tang said SHKP is also devoted wholeheartedly to the local community. The company takes a proactive role in supporting employees and their family members to participate in various charitable community activities, such as the annual “SHKP Vertical Run for Charity – Race to Hong Kong ICC”, “Sun Hung Kai Properties Hong Kong Cyclothon” and “SHKP Love Nature Campaign” to clean up seashores and country parks. SHKP also has a volunteer team formed by the management and staff who deliver love and care to the community by making rice dumplings for singleton elderly at the Dragon Boat Festival, and organising poon choy luncheons for the elderly.


Volunteers from SHKP cleaning the beach

Diverse business unlocks employee potential

As one of the largest property developers in Hong Kong, SHKP seek highly-talented professionals to drive its property development and investment businesses, in fields such as project management, architecture, marketing and sales, retail leasing, property management and customer services. Project management involves in projects of different scale and nature in Hong Kong and mainland China, enabling employees to unlock their potential fully. Marketing sales and retail leasing teams also manage leasing business in local market and mainland China, which encourages mutual sharing of experience between the local and mainland professionals, so that they can broaden their horizon and acquire professional and management experience.

On the other hand, SHKP also places great emphasis on employee’s long-term development, allocating abundant resources every year for nurturing talent. For example, it sets up the SHKP Quality Academy to offer a rich array of comprehensive and transdisciplinary training programmes. The company also implements a privileged internal promotion policy, which offers employees more promotion opportunities and a faster route for career advancement.

Stringent selection for the best candidates

“Thanks to the sizeable professional team and the long-standing corporate mission in selecting the best candidates in open recruitment, SHKP has obtained fruitful achievement today. One good example is Mr. Victor Lui who joined the company’s management trainee programme in 1977; now he is Executive Director and Deputy Managing Director of SHKP.” Tang stressed that the selection process of management trainees focuses on applicants’ interests and integrated aptitude, for example, learning and stress-resistant capability, team spirit and personal attributes, among others. Management trainees would have wide exposure in the Group which covers multiple business sectors and receive systematic training for all-round development under the supervision of veteran mentors.

“We are rooted in Hong Kong, and we hope all we do is good for Hong Kong, our customers and our employees. When our colleagues feel cared and valued, they will contribute to the company heartily and persistently,” concluded Tang.


SHKP co-organises activities with chairitable organisations regularly to encourage caring culture and serve the community


What makes people join or stay at SHKP?

Patrick Lee, Senior Leasing Manager:

“I have been working in SHKP for over a decade. The company is a market leader in property development, signified by its pragmatic styles and persistence in seeking continuous advancement. I am given the opportunities to handle different projects in Hong Kong and mainland China. This allows me to realise my potential and broaden my horizon. Besides, SHKP offers on-the-job training through which we can enrich ourselves with more practical knowledge. What’s more, the supervisors of SHKP have excellent leadership and my colleagues are closely united with a great team spirit. I am so happy to work in such a great work environment.”


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