Ten Signs of a Good Interview

After a job interview, it’s a good idea to evaluate your performance. The following signs are a good indicator that you have made quite a positive impression over the interviewer.

Justin Honaman, Director of Customer Intelligence at Coca-Cola Customer Business Solutions, shares ten positive signs you may have aced that all-important job interview:


  1. Ask detailed questions
    It is safe to assume that if the HR manager is genuinely interested in you, they will spend more time asking detailed questions. If they are not interested in your candidacy, they won’t even bother interviewing you longer than necessary.
  2. Non-Verbal Cues
    Non-verbal signals are also a good indicator of how well you did on your interview. Keep an eye on non-verbal cues such as note-taking, smiles, and head nods. These signs can mean that the interviewer is seriously considering your application.
  3. Share details
    “Most leaders are looking for candidates that can easily fit into a team environment or operate well as an individual contributor,” Honaman says. “If the hiring manager is interested in your taking the position, they will share additional details about the culture and shift into ‘sales’ mode on the organization.”

    This is why it’s important that you research about the company, the job posting, and the organization in detail so you can position yourself as the perfect fit for the job opening.

  4. Question and Answer
    “In most interviews, the hiring manager will ask if you have any questions as standard procedure, but spend less time with questions and answers if the interview has not gone well in their mind.”

    Clearly, when you have either the HR manager trying to sell you on the business, the team, and the position, then you’re more likely to get offered the chance to join the company.

  5. Ask about availability
    Another positive sign that the interview went well and that you’re almost certain of being hired is when you’re asked about how soon will you be able to start. This is the same as when you’re applying whilst still employed.
  6. Salary Expectation and Negotiation
    Honaman says that being asked about salary-related questions indicates that you’re one-step closer to landing the job. When the HR manager discuss salary expectation or even negotiation, it’s likely that they’re seriously considering your application.
  7. Request for References
    Another positive sign you left a good impression on the interviewer is when they request that you provide them with professional references.
  8. Feedback from HR
    The people from the HR department are your first point of contact during your job search process. Often, after the job interview, the kind of feedback you get from them can be an indication of your chances of getting hired. Honaman suggests you take note of their comments, as they’re a great guide to your projected result.
  9. Invitation to the next round
    When the interviewer invites you back for a second interview, you’re one-step closer to your dream job. Employers won’t spend their time inviting you to the next round if you are not a good fit for the job.
  10. Meet the Rest of the Team
    When the employer introduces you to the rest of the team or tells you that there are a couple of people they would like you to meet, chances are that you have the job in the bag. Honaman explains that “Leaders are protective of their team and will not risk introducing a candidate if they are not a potential fit to join the organization,” When you’re this close to getting the job, it’s best that you go out of your way to be nice to everyone you meet.

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