The future roles of human resources redefined

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The 21st century have completely transformed the role of human resources (HR) around the world. Gone are those days where the roles of HR professionals are only aligned with personnel and administration functions that were commonly seen as paperwork. HR professionals today are becoming specialists, mastering new skills and adapting to new technologies as the traditional one-size fits all approach is no longer effective in a rapidly changing, digital workplace.

To understand what it takes to be a leading HR professional, read on to see what are your future roles in the 21st century:

1. The Architect

The HR architect is someone who plans, designs and builds the right context in which the workplace can be successful. For example, using latest digital learning tools, he or she has the ability to design interactive content that encourage continuous learning and knowledge development for the workforce. More importantly, the HR architect is also a brand builder, building awareness and creating acceptance to its company brand to new talents. In the same way, the HR architect builds a connecting bridge between the purpose of the company and the expectations of the workforce.

2. The Digital Expert

The HR digital experts are programmers who can adjust algorithms and know how to leverage on technology to recruit, manage and grow people. They are the masters of digital know-how, from mobile to crowdsourcing recruitment, constantly aware of the latest tech methods to source for new talents. The HR digital expert utilises technology to streamline its HR processes, compete for talents, reduce costs and manage the workforce more effectively. The HR digital expert also designs advanced work experiences using modern technology and works as a connector for automation and human contributions.

3. The Coach

An unhappy workforce is an unproductive workforce. Wellness and well-being of employees matter and the HR coach’s role is to keep employees happy, healthy and focused. He or she has the ability to listen, understand and to have empathy towards his or her colleagues and co-workers. The HR coach will cultivate good habits and works as an optimiser of relationships among employees, work and the company. He or she will create awareness on the importance of well-balanced work life and promote stress prevention. More importantly, the HR coach is someone employees trust to help them find solutions during harder times.

4. The Data Strategist

Data-driven recruiting is a method that is so effective over the past few years. The HR data strategist is an expert in collecting and analysing data to make sensible business decisions based on the given information. He or she has the ability to articulate and solve both complex and simple problems by applying logical thinking. In essence, the HR data strategist is someone who understands the business side of the company yet knows the language of technology and analytics well enough to conclude a sound judgement.

5. The Advocate

The HR advocates devise strategies and policies with their management and leaders to create a better workplace. The advocates share a seat at the strategy table as they are well-positioned to understand the ongoing morale of the company and are able to keep the culture of the company in check. For example, a HR advocate is able to evaluate the effectiveness of the performance review processes or reinvent new ways to assess the performance of the entire workforce. In addition, the HR advocates is forward-thinking and can proactively plan for organisational shifts into any new direction the company is heading.

In short, no doubt this is an exciting time for HR professionals with all these new roles. Successful organisations are said to have HR professionals who are adaptive, resilient and resourceful. Ask yourself this, are you transforming the workplace? If your answer is no, it is never too late to start sharpening your skills and revamp your position into more coordinated, specialised roles.




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