The proactive guide for your next performance review

The proactive guide for your next performance review

Performance reviews can either be a rewarding or frustrating experience, depending on the outcome. If you wish to benefit from more constructive reviews, perhaps it’s time to take a more proactive approach to it. It’s a review about your performance after all. It is up to you to influence your boss’s appraisal of your efforts and contribution.

Below are 7 essential steps you can take to ensure a positive evaluation at your next review. Planning is everything, and the same rule applies to your performance review. During the months leading up to your review date, take a proactive approach and tick off the following boxes to prepare for it.

1. Do an honest self-review

Evaluate your goals vs achievements over the past year. Knowing what feedback to expect will help you stay calm and collected during the actual review.

2. Challenge yourself

Based on your self-review, take on new challenges to improve areas of weakness. This will show your boss that you are stepping out of your comfort zone to perform better.

3. Demonstrate leadership

Speak up in meetings and propose new ideas and solutions to improve the team’s productivity. Leadership skills are always a valued contribution to the company.

4. Enhance your skillset

Learn new skills that will enable you to add value to your job and the company. Keep a record of your progress or certifications awarded for your hard work.

5. Initiate new projects

Initiate will always score you bonus points in performance reviews. Start new projects that contribute to the company’s mission.

6. Set goals for your review

Identify the top 3 things you would like to achieve during the review with your boss. Having a plan will help you stay focused during the discussion.

7. Identify career growth opportunities

This will be the ideal time to review and discuss your career growth direction for the coming year.


It’s in your best interests to be proactively involved in your performance reviews. It’s the best time to evaluate your career growth direction, and to ensure that it’s in sync with the company’s vision and goals.  


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