Tips for applying to a multinational company

Multinational company

The competition for great roles in multinational companies is usually fierce. Getting a high profile multinational company on your resume can also make you more marketable for future job opportunities – both within other top multinationals or local companies.

From an employer perspective, local professionals are an attractive alternative to foreign expats who are often a higher cost to companies. Many multinational employers also look to hire local talent as they recognise the importance of having a workforce that reflects the market in which they work. Native Chinese speakers with a deep understanding of the local culture represent a distinct advantage when dealing with Chinese customers. If you’re going to apply for a role with a multinational company, here are some top tips to keep in mind:


As with all job applications, letters that have been cut and pasted with incorrect details (company name, job title) or resumes with irrelevant or unprofessional information are not going to make the right impression in a competitive market. Prepare a strong resume that highlights your responsibilities and achievements in previous roles.


The hiring process is typically much more formal in multinational companies. You will need to satisfy a greater number of internal stakeholders, such as human resources, line management, and most probably senior management. You will probably need to go through several interview stages and a more thorough, professional assessment of your skills and experience. To make the best impression, ensure you are well dressed and have thoroughly researched the company and the role. Make sure you can address questions with concise answers that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Resist the urge to talk too much or ramble – this is one of the most common mistakes job seekers make!

Personal attributes

All multinational employers want adaptable employees who are a good fit for their company culture. The opportunity to meet numerous people from the company will make it easier to establish if you make a good cultural fit. Employers will want to know that you are accountable for your areas of responsibility, that you value open communication with management, and that you are willing to act upon feedback. Remember to be positive, energetic and enthusiastic – companies hire people who have the skills or potential to do the role, but if you don’t come across as interested and motivated you probably won’t get an offer.


Although there are some differences in formality between multinational and local hiring processes, the key components to a successful job application remain the same: a strong and succinct resume, thorough preparation for the interview, and a positive and professional demeanour.


Good luck!


Richard King
Managing Director of Michael Page in North and Eastern China

This article was originally published on Michael page Greater China Blog