Tips for hiring middle management for the first time

 middle management

Adding new middle management is a key indicator that a small business is transforming into a medium enterprise. However, hiring the wrong person is like hitting the fast rewind button and this can drag the company back to where it started.  

“When a small organisation is growing into medium size, bringing onboard a middle management tier is essential and, most of the time, very challenging as it requires founders to step back from the daily work they have been doing for years, and focus more on new business developments,” said Christine Wright, Managing Director of Hays in Asia.

She said the first thing founders should do when adding middle management for the first time is to design a new organisation chart. “There are several options for companies looking to put in place a more formal managerial set-up. So do some research and pick the one that fits you.”

After picking the right company structure, founders also need to determine what responsibilities they want the new middle management to take over from them. “Letting the operational experts to take care what they are good at can give the founder more time to think about the firm’s next destination,” Wright explained.

HR can play a very important role as well as they can assist founders to make the right decision in which structure to pick and how to allocate responsibilities, according to her.

“Last but not least, a company’s culture and value is what made the business successful in the first place, so make sure your new middle management fits in this culture and willing to carry on,” Wright emphasised.

This article was originally published on Hays