Tips on Writing a Resignation Letter


Congratulations! You’ve found a new job! Now it’s time to tell your boss and human resources department. How? Tell them you have so much discontent that you now decide to quit? Or write a long essay praising your boss who has been so good to you during the past years? Take a look at the following tips and prepare a resignation letter that is decent and appropriate.


In your resignation letter, the following should be included:

  1. State the position you are resigning from and the date when the resignation is effective.
  2. Give thanks to the company, your boss and colleagues.
  3. Request for a reference letter.

As for the reasons of resignation, it is not compulsory.



No matter how bad you feel about your company, never make negative statements about it and do not use this letter as a means to criticize your coworkers or bosses or the company policies. The letter has to be polite, even if not positive. Remember that it may be used when future employers request references from the company.



Keep your letter short and concise by stating the necessary points mentioned above. If you have been working in harmony with your team or the company, you can use a few lines to give thanks. But do not write a few paragraphs or a long essay on how nice your boss is or how effective the company management has been. A resignation letter is to let the company know that you are going to leave. If you want to add more personal comments, wait till your boss takes you to farewell lunch and tell him / her directly.


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