Tips on Writing a Resume


Although a resume’s function is not to get you a job, it helps a lot to get you a chance for job interviews. Follow the tips below and prepare a resume that is able to market yourself to potential employers.


Human resources professionals usually receive huge number of job applications every day. So a resume that is clear and precise will certainly make you stand out from others. Even though there is no limitation to the length of a resume, one to two pages are desirable and the maximum is three pages.

Relevant information

If you want to give as much information as possible within two pages of your resume, you should only give information relevant to the job. Avoid personal details such as hobbies, marital status, weight, height or number of children you have.


To distinguish yourself from other applicants, do not just list out job responsibilities in the past. Most employers know these already. Instead, try to highlight achievements especially quantifiable ones.


Some large organisations scan resumes by looking for key words of certain industries or skill sets. Therefore, use key words such as contract negotiation, project management, network support, and product development.


The design is as important as the content. Make your resume easy and comfortable to read. Highlight your strengths clearly. Do not print it on fancy coloured paper.


Remember to proofread your resume again and again to avoid any typos. Misspelled words will give an impression that either you do not know the spelling or that you do not put effort in preparing your resume. Some employers, especially those in the editorial field, throw away resumes with spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Even if you apply jobs in the same industry, different firms have different requirements. Tailor your resume to employers’ needs. When your resume reaches the hand of the human resources staff, it may stay there for only 15 seconds. So, make it a useful marketing tool. It may help you win a dream job.

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