The top 5 skills that will make you a successful salesperson

The Top 5 Skills That Will Make You a Successful Salesperson

In this age of buyer empowerment, the fast development of modern technologies have enabled your prospects to research offers and make decisions independent of communications with sales representatives. On the other hand, the way people do business has also been moving so rapidly that it can be difficult for sales professionals to know exactly what skills are needed and how to obtain them.

Here are the top 5 skills required of a modern salesperson.


This is an extremely valuable skill in successful retail selling that plays a vital role in finding out the client’s situation through their eyes and genuinely understanding their needs. In this way, you will be able to put aside your own ideas about what is right for customers, and help them make the correct buying decision.

Long-term Relationship Building

For sales professionals, it is no secret that customer relationships are a key component of their businesses. To build productive and long-term customer relationships, you need to do your best to increase satisfaction for prospects and existing clients through various approaches, including regular communications, social media campaigns, loyalty programmes and personalized marketing. Meanwhile, maintaining a strong customer service presence also contributes to trust building.

Presentation Style

Today’s sales talents need to be comfortable presenting their offers across many media. Always try to make your presentation shorter, simpler and more effective. Meanwhile, the subtle choice of word, the positive tone of your speaking and the appropriate way of promoting products or services during a presentation could be the key to make you stand out from the rest. As the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”, practice and rehearsals are paramount for presentation style.

Digital Savvy

If you’re facing bottlenecks, it is a good idea to try adopting new tools & technologies, among which social networks is an essential platform for a salesperson. Meeting and communicating with prospects in their preferred choice of medium goes a long way, for not only it inspires you to generate new leads, but allows you to research a market and initiate conversation leading to a sale.

Research Habits

In the age of information explosion, internet has become the largest source of sales data around the globe. Knowing your prospect’s company, position and product is only the beginning. Use the internet to your full advantage by utilizing social networks or feed readers, and then progress to sales intelligence software.


Source: Faro Recruitment