Top reasons why you should become an engineer


“Engineering” literally means “making things happen”. In a very basic sense, engineering is the practical application of science and mathematics to solve problems. Traditionally, engineering is about infrastructure. Engineers were known to create bridges and vehicles that got us from one location to another more efficiently.

In today’s world, engineering is acknowledged as a discipline that opens up opportunities and creates technology and products that help make our lives easier. Almost every aspect in our lives has somehow been influenced by engineers – the products created in factories; the buildings we live in; the water we drink; the computers we surf the net on; medical services and technologies we rely on; the appliances and vehicles. There is no limit to what engineers can do.

Choosing to pursue a career in engineering entails a clear understanding of what’s ahead.  You have to be ready to put everything into it – time, effort, money and resources, and of course, dedication. Spending 4-5 years learning mathematics and science combined with theoretical and practical applications is still not enough to prepare you for what you’re expected to do once you graduate.  Quite simply, an engineering career is a work in progress; it’s something you have to continuously develop through experience and real-life applications.

The road ahead as an engineer might not be easy but the rewards of your hard-work will all be worth it. Here are top reasons why you should consider the path of an engineer.510x120-v5

Work that you will be proud of

Unlike taking up a role in the financial world, the thing with being an engineer is that most of the work you do are tangible – bridges, buildings, products, etc, these are things you can see everyday once they’re done. The pride of being part of something great would bring you the job satisfaction you need to keep going.


Plenty of career opportunities

There are plenty of career opportunities for engineering graduates to look forward to. Engineering isn’t just a single course focused on a single industry.  There are specializations you can pursue depending on where your passion lies.  It’s entirely up to you to decide and explore which field would make good use of your skills and talents.


Promising career prospect

Engineering is a field where you can see clearly your career path. With the transparent career progression, engineers do not have to worry a lot about how to advance their career, instead they can focus more on their work itself. Besides, working in Hong Kong, the city which ranks first in the world in both skyscraper and high-rise count, means abundant opportunities for engineers in building-related disciplines including civil, building, building service, structural, geotechnical and more.

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You don’t get bored

If there ever is any field that offers non-stop and ever-changing challenges, engineering is one of them. Every project is different so there will always be questions to answer, problems to solve, buildings to create, and formulas to figure so out you won’t have enough time to think about something else. 


Creative thinking

Engineering is not just about logic but also about creativity. In an age where technology changes each minute, engineers need to think critically to discover new ideas, create new things, and come up with solutions to new problems brought about by the ever-changing technological landscape.


If you haven’t completely decided on pursuing a career as an engineer, these reasons should hopefully be enough to help you make up your mind. 

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