Welcome on board! 7 tips to impress co-workers on first day


No matter what your job title is, your first day in a new job can be unnerving.  It goes without saying that you desire to make the good impression promptly. Here are seven smart tips which help you make a quick and lasting impression on your first day:

1. Get rid of bad habits

A new job gives you a chance to go over your habits and personal attributes to retain those that do you good and drive out those that don’t. Get rid of bad habits such as poor time management or punctuality.

2. Remember colleagues’ names

Draw your office seating plan and put colleagues’ names in appropriate places. Besides, add a remark to those you will have regular contact with such as the receptionist. Greet people by name and use their names when conversing to help embed this information. You will keep building rapport with co-workers simultaneously.

3. Focus on prime objectives

Review your job description while adapting to your new roles. Reflect on how what you are learning ties to what is expected of you and how you will achieve success. Any new job changes over time but we all have to avoid wasting energy on tasks that are irrelevant to reaching our goals.

4. Be proactive to ask questions

During a learning phase, you are expected to ask questions or for an instruction to be repeated. Don’t expect your supervisor to tell you everything you need as he/she might be pretty busy. Be responsible to catch up on your work and make the most of your meetings by asking quality questions about what is expected but also about your supervisor’s work style and the communication mode s/he prefers. It is also the right moment to talk to other key people in the business – when appropriate – about the broader picture as well as what they do and how success is achieved in their areas.

5. Listen more, talk less

In the early stages you should listen more and talk less. Make good quality notes but check the workplace practice before bringing any portable device into meetings. A handy note pad will also do the job.

6. Observe promptly, judge carefully

Don’t make snap judgments about people or situations. In the early part of your job tenure you had better observe the workplace culture, connections and rituals. Keep away from any politics and any gossip.

7. Review your past successes

If you get very anxious about embarking on a new venture, keep your farewell card from your former workplace handy at home to re-read the positive message from people who you were once unfamiliar with. Remind yourself of past successes and that you were hired because you are the best person for the job and have lots to offer.

Make sure you first impress your co-workers with positive and lasting effects as you only have a single chance to make a first impression in your workplace.

This article was originally published on Hays.