How to win a job with a top employer?

top employer

Working for a top employer has its merits. Candidates are often exposed to invaluable opportunities that they may not have encountered before. This includes industry-leading training and development programmes, overseas secondments and internal promotion paths. So how do you win that coveted role with a top employer?

Think of unparalleled skills

What makes you stand out when applying for a job with a top employer is to think outside the box at the skills you can bring to boost your value. You must still do all you can to stand apart.

Being knowledgeable in your field is of utmost importance. For example, external auditors need to be qualified and possess proven experience helping businesses move forward; estimators need strong trade links and good relationships with subcontractors; and occupational health and safety professionals need to be aware of changes in legislation. Lots of candidates have matching technical skills and experience, so when applying for your next job, you need to think outside the box regarding the skills you bring which boost your value to a top employer.

Highlight unique accomplishments

Highlighting a few key unique accomplishments is essential to differentiate yourself. For example, have you enhanced profitability for your current employer through increased sales or business development or are you one of the most remarkable achievers in your university degree? Employers aspire to find out how you can contribute to their companies so highlight your unique achievement in your CV and in an interview.

Degree does not guarantee success

However, university graduates are not guaranteed to stand a better chance to get hired by a top employer. While it depends on the individual role, many employers are willing to consider unqualified candidates who possess relevant skills and abilities to a role, particularly at the entry level. They tend to hire someone who will fit in with co-workers and into the workplace, and are essentially able to get the job done.

Get prepared for interview

If you do get an interview, prepare well; research the company and make sure you keep abreast of industry trends and changes. Also, compare your experience to your expected salary in a realistic manner. Top employers always offer fabulous opportunities, so avoid pricing yourself based on over-inflated salary expectations. Instead, focus on finding a role with a top employer to add to your suite of skills.

For graduates, work experience is a real asset for job application. Most employers prefer to hire new graduates who have some work experience whether it may be voluntary or through an internship, as they already outweigh their peers by attaining solid experience in a real workplace environment. It also demonstrates a good work ethic to potential employers.

Aspire to land a job with a top employer? You should:

  • Find out what opportunities are currently available or upcoming opportunities by asking your recruiter to help you stand the best chance of getting the job you want when it arises.
  • Make sure your CV is relevant to the position you are applying for and provide appropriate examples that match the specific job requirements. Highlight the unique values that you will bring to the potential employer. They have a reputation as a top employer for a reason.
  • Don’t give up if you fail to win a role with a top employer when you first apply. Don’t be discouraged to reapply later down the track. Stay in touch with the organisation. Keep building on your knowledge and practising your presentation skills so that you can bring it all to the next interview.

This article was originally published on Hays.