Written Test – Essay Writing


Written Test aims at examining one’s language ability and / or logical thinking, it on average lasts for 1 to 2 hours. It is used by employers to recruit staff with special skills. Normally only those who meet the cut-off score will proceed to the next assessment stage. The format can be very diversified, examples include:

  • Translation (from Chinese to English / from English to Chinese)
  • Essay Writing
  • Documents drafting
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Other tests e.g. CRE

Essay Writing

Different topics are covered in the essay writing. For example,

  1. Self-Introduction
    • Please describe yourself.
    • What was the hardest decision you have ever made, and how did you handle that?
    • What is your career goal?
  2. Knowledge about company, industry
    • What do you know about our company?
    • Who do you see as our company’s competitor?
    • Which luxury brands in the Hong Kong market do you find the most successful?
  3. Social Issues
    • Do you think female generally suffers more from sexual discrimination than male in workplace?
    • How is pollution affecting the lives of Hong Kong people?
  4. Current Affairs
    • Please comment the “one country, two systems” in Hong Kong
    • More and more developing, low-income countries are becoming members of WTO, what will be the impact on these countries?
  5. Case Studies
    • Product X will be launched later this month. How should company XX market this new product to maximize its profits?

Points to note:

  • The length of the passage varies according to different companies, bear in mind that the length of the passage has no linkage with your scores.
  • Every essay must consist of an introduction and a conclusion, regardless of the content. One of the most common formulas is: introduction + Body [3 arguments/ points] + conclusion.
  • Avoid using too many jargons, idioms, fancy vocabularies which give you no credit, but a sense of show-off.
  • When dealing with social / current issues, the most important thing is that you should take a position, and develop your ideas with examples and details.

Source: Placement Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University