Your CV will not get lost in the sea of emails anymore

Recruiters receive hundreds or thousands of applications every day. Do you ever worry that the cover letter and CV you crafted with love and care might get lost in the sea of emails in your target employer’s inbox?

We suggest candidates to use jobsDB’s Apply Now function, which has the following advantages:


1. Be assured

By clicking “Apply Now”, your job application, along with your cover letter and CV, will be sent to the jobsDB Recruitment Centre, a system for hirers to manage talent acquisition. At the same time, jobsDB’s system will send an email to notify the hirer of this new application. This ensures that your application will reach both the Recruitment Centre and the email system of the employer, having not to worry about missing emails anymore.


2. Easily apply

Once you have uploaded your resume or created a jobsDB Profile, you many apply to multiple jobs from any device, anytime, anywhere.


3. Get notified

By logging into My jobsDB, you can keep track on your job application progress – whether it is “Received”, “Viewed” or “Not Suitable”.


It’s time to turn a new page in your career – a great leap always starts with a small change.

Increase your chances of getting hired. Create a jobsDB profile

Increase your chances of getting hired. Update your jobsDB profile

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