Boost Your Recruitment Plans Efficiently with Performance Bundle

Building up a diverse workforce in your organisation means hiring candidates of different qualifications, experience, and skills. If there are competitive roles to be filled urgently, you need a powerful hiring approach.

Whether it’s replacing outgoing staff members or hiring for expansion, you need to fill these roles within a short time frame to remain competitive. Hiring with one ad type may not give you the optimal results, you need a hiring plan supported by various ad types to cover all your hiring needs.

Our all-new Performance Bundle gives you hiring flexibility and performance without compromising your budget. This powerful ad combo package combines both Branded and Premium Ads. With the bundle, you can:

  • Purchase Branded and Premium ad; available in various combinations
  • Enjoy greater savings on high-performance Premium Ad
  • Have the flexibility to choose the ad type for roles that you need to hire

With 2 of our most popular ad types at your disposal, you can attract candidates to join you by showcasing your employer value proposition with Branded ads. If you need to fill competitive, urgent roles, use Premium ads to be prioritised on search results.

Signing up for Performance Bundle empowers your hiring in more ways than one, our Account Manager will recommend a plan based on your needs, reach out to them now!

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