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By: Angeli Soneja

Today’s hirers are faced with challenges that are unlike those faced by the recruitment industry in the past. New job roles that were unheard of just a few years back demand fresh talents. At the same time, technological innovations bring forth growing industries, and with it come calls for more manpower to meet production and customer needs.

Urgent hiring demands and difficult recruitment scenarios require more effective and efficient talent sourcing channels, and that’s what Integrated Sourcing is ready to give you. Bringing together two powerful jobsDB features: Job Ad Posting + Talent Search, hirers now have more means to find and connect with talents to fill their vacancies.

Here’s what Integrated Sourcing can do for you:

Your hiring Issues:

  • Urgent hiring
  • Top talents needed
  • Searching for candidates with specialised skills
  • Building a future Talent Pool

The Solution:

Waiting for job applications used to be enough when trying to fill vacancies. Not anymore. With stiff competition from recruitment firms and top companies vying for the same candidates, smart hirers know they must always be one step ahead of the competition to win talents. Having a single talent source just wouldn’t work anymore.

The solution lies in using multiple sourcing channels so hirers are guaranteed they get the right candidates to match to their job ads.

What We Can Offer:

To win the war for talent, you need to go beyond relying on direct applications to your job ads to find the right candidates, and that’s what Integrated Sourcing does for hirers like you.

Talent sourcing via Job Ads

Catered towards the active candidates, here you will find potential talents that are interested and keen to pursue a job with your company.  Applicants here can be contacted and engaged directly.

Talent sourcing via Talent Search

Want to find more candidates? With Talent Search, you can search through the jobsDB database for more talents and find relevant candidates faster, all while your Job Ad is collecting applications at the same time.
Together, Job Ad Posting + Talent Search gives you:

More options – Finding potential candidates just got easier. Build a larger talent pool from applications sourced via Job Ads, plus add in more from your finds from Talent Search.

Faster processing – You no longer have to wait for applications to come in to start screening candidates, cutting your sourcing time in half. Screen candidates right away once you find suitable ones from the jobsDB database.

Using your own defined search terms – based on job titles, candidate skills, or qualifications – you can look through the jobsDB database, via Talent Search, to find the right matches for your Job Ad.

Direct access to candidates – We’ve also made connecting with candidates much easier with Talent Search. Once you’ve made your selection, you can directly send your Job Ad to your chosen candidates.

Together, these two approaches empower hirers to face today’s toughest hiring challenges with confidence and pride. We urge you to use Job Ad Posting + Talent Search at the same time for a more efficient hiring process.
jobDB remains steadfast in our commitment to give you the best tools to improve your hiring experience, and that’s what we hope to accomplish here with Integrated Sourcing.

Take your hiring to new heights with Integrated Sourcing by your side. It’s talent sourcing made faster, easier, and more affordable.

If you wish to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Customer Support.

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