jobsDB is running the “Toast” user engagement campaign

The “Toasts” are around town! Browsing the web or walking on the street, you may have seen a Toast (多士) with jobsDB logo popping up now and then.

The word “多” in Cantonese, has a double meaning of “most” and “toast” in English, signifying jobsDB is delivering the BEST in many recruitment aspects and we are addressing the top needs of hirers and candidates. According to the recruitment/ job hunting experience surveys conducted between February to March 2018, we were rated the top by both hirers and candidates among other online recruitment platforms in many aspects:

  • 見工機會多 – Most interview opportunities
  • 成功取錄多 – Most successful placements
  • 職場資訊多 – Most relevant career insights
  • 優質人才多 – Best quality candidates
  • 合適人選多–Most relevant candidates

We spread the buzz far and wide to ensure candidates come to us for your openings. While you post your job ads with us, we make sure you’re getting the best recruitment results.

The “Toasts” are running around the city:jobsDB is running a new user engagement campaign_bus



jobsDB is running a new user engagement campaign_mtr

jobsDB is running a new user engagement campaign_online

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