101 Recruitment Tips 2019

This is an essential read for all HR professionals! Here we summarize the 101 key messages from our Laws of Attractions, the largest recruitment study in Hong Kong. It has surveyed nearly 6,000 job candidates across 20 industries and job functions, examining the key drivers that motivate them at work and ignite their passion. This is where you will get precise recruitment insights and so to design strategic plans.

Besides these 101 tips, there are still a lot of unexpected findings from our Laws of Attraction research. Please don't forget to visit the interactive portal to explore more.

Gender variance

Shift duties?
Hopefully not!
Both men and women do not prefer shift work. 65.1% of women disdain shift work-required jobs, compared with 50.2% for men.

Social animals?
Workplace relationships are more important to women (9.9%) than to men (8.5%). They expect teamwork, mutual support and respect from colleagues.
Okay to travel as long
As the destination is fun
Male employees are more willing to work overseas, and only 23.1% would reject travel-required jobs - lower than 37.4% among women.

Keep things open
Compared with women, men care less about recognition; but they are more concerned about management transparency.

Different industries, different demands

Generational differences

Sab leave is my thing!
Paid sabbatical leaves are so important among Gen Z. Those considering it to be necessary count 6% higher than the overall average.
Freedom is everything
The millennials voted in favour of laissezfaire leadership. 44.2% of them consider this management style a critical requirement in job selection, while the overall average stands at 36.4%.
'Great boss' detectors
Seasoned and sophisticated, Gen X pay more attention to whether an employee is making a profit or an industry leader.
Reserve for happiness
Now on the doorstep of retirement, 33.4% of the baby boomers reckon additiona MPF contributions from a company is an integral part of a job offer. The rate for all the four generations is only 27.1%.

Expectations shift across job levels

Junior Level
No to unpaid overtime
Junior Management
Managers who love freedom
Middle Management
Five-day weeks, no matter how busy
Senior Management
Management quality a top priority

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Release Date : May 2019


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