Hiring, Compensation & Benefits Survey Report 2020

Salary is the number 1 motivator for all job seekers looking elsewhere for career opportunities, according to Laws of Attraction.

To attract and keep the best talents, are you searching for the latest data and trend to refine your 2020 HR planning?

If so, this is the definitive guide for you to know:

  • Hiring intention, expectation and plans
  • Salary and predicted adjustment
  • Bonus and other benefits structure

How to make the best use of this C&B survey report?

Utilizing the report data, together with our research findings from Laws of Attraction across different industries and job roles, will help you make the best HR strategy decisions for your company.
Exclusive Bonus: 101 Laws of Attraction to further upgrade your C&B structure.

Hiring plans and market expectations

Almost half of the hirers predicted that employment will be less active in 2020.

Hiring plan shows a contraction trend from last year.

Pay scale adjustment forecast

Overall salary adjustment prediction in 2020 is +2.7%.

What about Bonus?

72% of the surveyed hirers provided performance bonus in this year, a substantial rise against 59% in previous year!

Level of staff hired
This year
Prediction for the upcoming year
Top / Senior Management
avg. 2.3 months
1.77 months
Middle / Non-managerial Professionals
avg. 1.63 months
1.31 months
Supervisory / Officer
avg. 1.33 months
1.17 months
Clerical / Frontline
avg. 1.29 months
1.10 months


“Work from home” is more and more popular.

Almost 1/3 of hirers have adopted “flexible working hours”.

61% of hirers offer extra MPF of 5% - 10% every month.

You will find many more in details from this report to refine your C&B strategies.