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It's really hard to attract and retain talents.

Or is it?

Well, if you really understand what attracts candidates in different roles and what salary they are asking for, talent acquisition will never be easier.

If you are looking for practical strategies (with concrete data supported) that you can use for your hiring plans, you'll love this report:

It's intensively summarized with easy-to-read infographics from JobsDB Laws of Attraction, Hong Kong's largest job market survey ever.

You will learn actionable tips that you can use right now.

Let's get started with some interesting highlights:

Minimum salary increments in different industries
Small additional benefit helps
Who doesn't love extra benefits? 64% the candidates in Retail Sales role think it's a "delight" to have business discounts or discounts, e.g. movie tickets, airline travel vouchers.

Small incentives can go a long way.
Colleagues make them stay
Having a collaborative and supportive team is so much more important than having a promotion opportunity for roles like Media, Creative & Design specialists!

Will you consider more team building activities?
Work-life balance is very important, but (relatively) not true for start-up enthusiasts...
Overseas opportunities?
Nearly 64% of candidates in Corporate Sales & Business Development roles loves overseas employment opportunity. Much higher than market average by more than 20%!

Different roles, different demands

Different roles, different demands

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