Extend the exposure of your job ads everywhere online

The fact is:

Only 11% of the available market are active candidates, who're actively looking for new opportunities.

The other 89%?

They're monitoring candidates who're not actively looking for jobs. But when a good opportunity comes right in front of them, they move right away.

So, a successful recruiting strategy must look at both groups of candidates.

This is exactly why our Advertising Solutions can help you.

As a matter of fact...

Active candidates
won't be active for long
There's a finite number of active candidates on the job market.

The competition is intense: The very top candidates are usually "gone" within a few days.

Monitoring candidates
are an unexploited gold mine
If you're only evaluating active candidates you're missing out on a huge opportunity.

We decide to take many steps further: We proactively advertise your brand and job ads right in front of the monitoring candidates with relevant profiles, across social media and different online channels.

Literally, it's everywhere online.
The Ordinary Way
The Ordinary Way
You post a job ad, and passively wait for applications.
Our Advertising Solutions
Our Advertising Solutions
All candidates will find your brand and job ads on different online channels.

There isn't be a chance they would miss it.
Unless, they stay away from the internet forever.
Why your brand / job ads will be seen everywhere online?
We advertise your brand and your job ads on Google Display Network and social media.
How we target relevant candidates?
We analyze our candidate profiles, and run digital advertising campaigns with precise audience targeting.
Why JobsDB can do the best job?
We understand the candidates better than anyone with our big data.