Attract millions of talents instantly

We have the tools to help you reach the best candidates

Great job ad with employer branding exposure

brandedAD+ helps hirers to build their brand and stand out in the job market.

Effective candidate reach

Latest job alerts & recommendations sent to candidates anytime, anywhere, and via multiple devices.

Integrated with talent recommendations

Instant talent recommendations once job ad is posted.

Increase your ad visibility

brandedAD+ allows customisable job ad template for greater brand exposure.

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Effective candidate reach

Latest job alerts are recommendations will be sent to candidates anytime, anywhere, and via multiple devices.

Talent recommendations

Get instant talent recommendations once your ad is posted via integrated sourcing.

We've got you covered with different ad types for your different hiring needs.

Basic Ad

Place your vacancies effectively

Basic Ad features:

  • 30-day job ad listing.
  • Desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • Job ad writing tools.
  • Included in job recommendations.
  • Preview ad format


Communicate your employer brand effectively

Including Basic Ad features, plus:

  • Increase brand recognition using your company logo.
  • Promote your employer brand with 3 selling points.
  • Stand out with a personalised cover image.
  • Preview ad format

Premium Ad

Your ad is always prioritised

Including brandedAD+ features, plus:

  • Your ad is ranked ahead of other similar ads.
  • Increase visibility and reach for your ad.
  • Secure talent faster on average.
  • Preview ad format

Premium Ad Plus

We deliver quality candidates via shortlisting and proactive search

Including Premium Ad features, plus:

  • Proactive candidate search in our talent pool.
  • Save time & engage only with shortlisted candidates.
  • Personalised job ad writing.
  • Dedicated consultant.

Easy-to-manage job advertisement online

They say, “Good people are hard to find.” It doesn’t mean that they’re not out there, but you have to look at the right place and use the right tools to find them. At JobsDB, millions of visits are recorded here online for their job search. That means these applicants prefer to visit websites and use mobile apps to look for jobs. But how can you successfully find and engage candidates online?

Introducing the new and improved JobsDB job advertisement. Better than ever, it’s the easiest and most effective way to find the talent you need. JobsDB job ads offers you efficiency to do your hiring all in one place using the JobsDB Recruitment Centre – a system that enables you the freedom to post ads, perform Talent Search and process candidates instantly on your own.

Optimise your job advertisement in Hong Kong

We have strong customer support to help you find more relevant candidates. Combining all of these, JobsDB provides the most well-rounded hiring solution just for you. Good people may be hard to find but with JobsDB job ads, you get a better chance of finding them.

So, get ready for the future of recruitment. The competition for talent is ever-changing. Whether you’re a multinational company, small and medium-sized enterprise, government-linked company or startup, it affects all employers equally. This is the outcome of ever-evolving dynamics of the talent marketplace. Companies no longer just want someone to do the job, they want to find the right person for the job; but candidates don’t just want to work for any company, they want a company with the right opportunities, benefits and culture. They want to know everything about a company before they consider applying for a job there.

Stay ahead of the curve

Today, the competition for talent is more fierce than ever. With companies competing not just with their peers, but against the entire employment marketplace. Companies need to adapt fast. They need to attract, court and retain talent because losing talent will cost companies profit, growth and time. At JobsDB, it is our role to understand the ever-changing talent marketplace. As your best talent sourcing partner, we’re here to help you with the strategies, tools and solutions needed to win the competition for talent. Make your job advertisement stand out in Hong Kong. Partner with us for your recruitment success.

Innovating on our total talent sourcing solution, our product experts are constantly studying and analysing candidates’ behaviour so we can help you find and reach out to them faster. We’ve used data and analytics from over millions of real job ads. We serve more than 60,000 employers and 1.9 million candidates at the foundation of our innovation. brandedAD+ was designed to help companies advertise jobs better by attracting candidates and showcasing their Employee Value Proposition.

Create smarter job ads with us today

Our job recommendation is powered by an intuitive artificial intelligence, which matches your job ads with the most relevant candidates. Bringing you one step closer of finding the right match. Responding to the increasing mobile nature of candidates, we are one of the earliest in Asia to roll out a mobile application version of JobsDB.

The latest version of our Recruitment Centre includes collaborative screening and sophisticated filtering tool to cater to the time-sensitive, fast-paced nature of today’s hiring process. Leveraging on SEEK’s Global Development Centre in Australia, Hong Kong, and Malaysia; we continue to innovate on our total talent sourcing solution. It’s all part of our commitment towards being Asia’s best talent sourcing partner. Our innovative solutions can help you achieve recruitment success. Get started with us today!

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