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All JobsDB ads include a 30-day listing on Hong Kong’s most-visited employment site and free candidate management tools on JobsDB Recruitment Centre.

Now, let’s take a look at how your Job Ad will appear on JobsDB.



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Here are some facts about how AI Technology leads the right candidates to you.

With Smarter Search, our platform goes beyond basic search queries such as keywords, classification, and filters to include other job factors and candidate preferences.

Using AI technology and millions of data points from candidate interactions, Smarter Search is able to better comprehend what a candidate is looking for, thereby delivering Job Ads that are fresher and more relevant to our candidates.

a. Intelligent keyword expansion through machine learning

We use candidate search behaviour (keywords and filters) together with machine learning role expansion (synonyms, related roles, new terminology) to generate more relevant results. Below are 3 examples of Smarter Search in action:

Smarter Search… Keywords Smarter Search Results
includes related industry-specific roles Barista Barista
PLUS related industry specific roles (e.g. wait and bar staff position)
accounts for terminology changes HR Manager HR Manager Human Resources Manager
PLUS People and Culture Manager
understands the role the candidate is looking for CEO CEOChief Executive Officer
PLUS General Manager Managing Director

b. The ideal location

For some candidates, the location of a job is an important factor. This is why Smarter Search will now list results by proximity to the suburb entered in their search query. This new feature will also benefit hirers looking for candidates in the provinces, especially since more candidates are interested in working closer to home.

c. Advanced search capabilities

Smarter Search automatically shows more relevant jobs first – meaning the job that best fits the candidate’s profile.


Aside from location and relevance, candidates can also filter jobs by recency – anywhere from the past 24 hours to the last 30 days


Candidates may also search based on job type – an important distinction as current changes in the world of work have led to more varied and flexible forms of employment


Quality and relevant Job Ads are always important factors to attract the best-fit candidates. We recommend leveraging on our best practices to maximize your Job Ad’s performance and hiring outcome.

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