What is JobsDB Recruitment Centre?

It is a easy-to-use online platform for you to create Job Ads, manage candidates, access to JobsDB Talent Search tool, as well as coordinate all your recruitment activities with the key stakeholders, e.g. Hiring Managers from start to finish in one place.

Now, let’s take a look at the main functions on your JobsDB Recruitment Centre dashboard after you logged in.


  1. Job ads – Create, review and post your job ads here.
  2. Candidates – Review and process candidates for all job positions.
  3. Talent Search – Search and connect for more talented candidates from JobsDB database using keywords.
  4. Purchase – Buy Job Ad package and make payment.
  5. Billing – View your account package and billing details.
    • Account summary: Check your active and expired packages
    • Credit history: Check your package credit / coin balance and usage
    • Invoices: Check your invoices
  6. Account settings – Manage your account profile, users, employer profile and labels for your Job Ads and candidates.
  7. Talent Search shortcut – Quick start to search candidates from JobsDB database.
  8. Job Ad posting shortcut – Quick start to create / edit Job Ad.
  9. Account status – Quick view for your account credit / coin balance.
  10. My job ads and candidates – Quick view for your active Job Ads and number of candidate applications.
  11. Logout – Logout your Recruitment Centre account here.
  12. Need help? – Find more user guide and recruitment tips here.

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