Laws of Attraction FAQ

Your gateway to the insights and data drawn from jobsDB’s comprehensive study of over 6,000 local candidates across 20 industries. This is where you’ll discover what drives candidates to a job role and uncover top employment challenges.

Our actionable insights help speed up the hirer’s recruitment journey, helping them find the right talent more efficiently.

Yes! We will not be imposing any charges for these insights. This is a value-added feature and a service that we are providing to hirers. We want to be Talent Partners that provide hirers with actionable insights that help them speed up their recruitment journey and find the right talent more efficiently.

The research data will likely be refreshed every 2 years. However, we will continue to develop and release new ‘deep-dives’ on an on-going basis, on topics that matter to our clients with regards to candidate attraction, using LOA insights.

Cultural drivers are the key traits candidates consider important within the workplace, or when assessing their co-workers or management. Culture as defined in our study is made up of three components:

  • a) Culture of the organisation
  • b) Management/management quality
  • c) Colleagues and Co-workers

The pre-coded list of cultural attributes included: Shows recognition, Laissez-faire leadership / free-style, Respectful, Collaborative and or supportive, Positive, Professional, Transparent, Diverse and or inclusive, Down to earth, Structured, Innovative and or creative, Empowered, High performance, Fun, Pacesetting leadership / lead by examples, Directive / authoritative leadership.

These drivers are included in the ‘Drivers of attraction’ dropdown menu within the Data Lab.

The data available is at a ‘total’ level as well as within ‘subsets’ (e.g. total males and then also Males x Seniority)

The raw data is not available. We have managed/curated the insights available so that those we deem to be most relevant as well as substantiated by a robust sample size are available. If there are cuts of the data that someone wants outside of what we have made available then they need to get a specific request. Any ad-hoc requests for data will be managed on a case by case basis.

You may refer to the Industry Spotlight for each industry within the portal. These will summarize the key drivers for each industry, while providing actional insights/tips for HR.

The research is unique and tailored to specific industries and representatives of the country. We have local market knowledge and expertise. We deep dive into the talent attraction phase with actionable insights that help you formulate recruitment strategies based on targeted research.

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