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Knowing what matters to the candidates and how you position your Job Ad determines how successful you will be in attracting the right candidates. Leverage on our best practices to maximize your Job Ad performance and hiring outcome.

Job Title

Use an appealing Job Title

Job Ads with more commonly used titles are more likely to be seen by candidates – boosting your Job Ad’s views!

  1. Be specific – targeted job titles are more effective than generic ones
  2. Be concise and informative – use key phrases that accurately describe the role
  3. Keep it relatable – the job title should be relevant to the job requirements
  4. Avoid using jargon or internal titles that may confuse the candidate
Examples of good and poor job titles

Administrative Guru

Administrative Assistant

Data Ninja

Data Analyst

Employer Experience & Recognition Adviser

Human Resource Adviser

Pro Tip: Unsure about the right job title? Use Talent Search to access our candidate database and benchmark your desired job title with others in the market.

Career Level & Years of Experience

A mismatch in the career level and years of experience can be confusing

  1. Career Level – clearly indicate the authority level and level of supervision of the position.
  2. Years of Experience – the minimum number of years required for this job.

You may refer to the guideline below to help you select the right position level classification.

  • Top – top executives (role dependent)
  • Senior – Assistant to Manager and Managerial position (> 10 years of experience)
  • Middle – > 5 years of experience
  • Entry Level – entry level or with 1-4 years of experience

Salary Information

Job Ads that display salary details are likely to get more views and applications

Candidates prefer to know the salary – this consistently appears as one of the top criteria a candidate considers before applying for a job. Display the salary details in your Job Ad with just one click to increase your chances of getting more applicants.


Pro Tip: Indicate an acceptable salary range – do not input unrealistic amounts!

Job Function

Job function refers to the responsibilities, tasks, and competencies of a particular role. If you are unsure about this for the job that you are going to post, you may click below to have the related mapping table for reference.

Click here to find a list of all the job functions and sub-functions.

Job Description – Don’t Forget The 3 R’s


Open with a strong and attention-grabbing summary about the role and company

  • The job summary should make your perfect candidate think “Yes, this sounds like me!”.

Outline the core responsibilities of the role

  • Only state the most important ones and emphasize those that may be unique to your company.

Describe the day-to-day functions of the role

  • Candidates want to know what they’ll do day-to-day. Make a list of duties the candidate would be required to perform – the more specific, the better.
  • Only list core functions – four or five bullet points are usually enough.

Candidates want to know what makes the role special

  • Provide a high-level summary of the company’s goals, and explain how the role supports them.
    • What are the reporting lines?
    • Who are the stakeholders?
    • How will this role contribute to the success of the company?

Remember to keep it candidate-centric

  • Use phrases such as “To be successful in this role, you will need to have…” instead of just “Job Requirements”.

Include a list of hard and soft skills

  • Aside from the must-haves such as education, previous job experience, certifications and technical skills required for the role, you should consider including soft skills such as communication and problem solving, as well as other key character traits that you envision for the successful candidate.

Keep it simple and relevant

  • While you may be tempted to list out all the requirements of the perfect candidate, including too many requirements could dissuade potential candidates.

There’s more to remuneration than just salary. Showcase non-monetary benefits that your ideal candidate would value most.

Pro Tip:Use Laws of Attraction to uncover the key drivers that motivate candidates at work and showcase what matters most to your target candidate segment.



UI/UX Designers are generally responsible for collecting, researching, investigating and evaluating user requirements. As a UI/UX Designer, you will be responsible for delivery the best online user experience, which makes your role extremely important for our success and ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.


You will play an important role in:

  • Conducting research and deconstructing our users’ digital interactions and habits
  • Developing UI and UX strategies based on our target goals
  • Creating and maintaining digital assets such as interface design files, wireframes, and interactive mock-ups using design and prototyping tools: e.g., Sketch and InVision
  • Designing, building, and maintaining highly reusable JavaScript, HTML and CSS code
  • Understanding the limitations of our tech stack and business model and providing technical advice wherever necessary


To succeed in this role, we will need you to be:

  • Fluent in the following coding languages: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & JavaScript
  • Strong in Graphic Design. Experience with Adobe suite is a must (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Dreamweaver & Adobe XD)
  • Experienced in customer service requirements in regards to UI/UX design elements
  • Experienced with wireframe tools (e.g. and InVision)


How will this career opportunity benefit you?

  • A conducive environment to work and grow
  • Constant challenges and opportunity to prove yourself

Other benefits offered:

  • Free parking
  • Medical and miscellaneous allowances
  • Insurance Coverage

Are you ready to make that career shift & grow a great portfolio with us? Click the ‘Apply Now’ button and we will get in touch with you soon.

Why Join Us

This is your chance to highlight the achievements and reputation of your company

Here, you can include the intangible benefits of joining your company and the unique environment that candidates may experience.

  • Why do people enjoy working at your company?
  • What kind of people thrive at your company?
  • What is work/life balance like at your company?

Company Overview

Provide an Informative, Comprehensive and Complete Company Overview to help candidates learn more about your business.

  • Start with basic information – include location(s), nature of business and company type e.g. local, national, or international.
  • State your company’s mission and products/services offered – highlight critical milestones and what your company is known for.
  • Talk about your employees – describe your staff and what you do to keep standards high.


First Impressions Matter

Make an immediate impression with a customized header banner and logo

  • Be consistent with your company’s brand image
  • Provide a summary of the industry
  • Showcase what your company is proud of
  • Avoid using images that are unrelated, low resolution, grainy or unclear

Boost Your Job Ad’s Visibility

Prominently highlight your employer brand with Branded Ad

Besides your ad listing being highlighted in the search results page, you also get to feature 3 Key Selling Points of your company / job.

Examples of good and poor quality 3 Summary points

Direct-selling; Multi-level Marketing

Join a global team and help design the best E-learning platform

E-commerce & Digital Marketing

Highly competitive salary and benefits

Fluency in English

Friendly, flexible and passionate working environment

Pro Tip: Use Laws Of Attraction to understand what matters most to your target candidate segment and highlight the top drivers as part of the 3 Key Selling Points.

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