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Gender Equality Report 2018

Conducted by SEEK Asia on the subject of gender equality and fair treatment in the workplace across Southeast Asia, the Report finds that most of the industries hire employees according to traditional gender roles.

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Job Seeker Salary Report 2018

The survey collected salary and bonus information from over 2,000 Hong Kong employees in March 2018. According to the findings, 71% of respondents received a pay rise in 2018 and the average salary adjustment was 5.7%, which is the highest increment for the past 3 years. The average bonus size they received was 1.6 months.

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Top 10 Companies in Asia Pacific 2017

To discover the most attractive employers in the region and their most admired attributes in the public’s perception, the Top 10 Companies Survey was conducted in seven countries across Asia Pacific region. This year, Google, MTR and Apple are among the most admired employers in Hong Kong. The survey also revealed that the primary concerns of employees in different age…

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Job Happiness Index 2017

According to the Job Happiness Survey 2017, the regional average happiness score was higher compared to 2016. Hong Kong ranked the second lowest for happiness countries in the region. Up to a quarter of Hong Kong employees had no hope in their employers, and wanted to quit and got new jobs to achieve greater happiness in the next six months.

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