Hiring, Compensation & Benefits Survey Report 2019 – JobsDB HK

Hiring, Compensation & Benefits Survey Report 2019 – JobsDB HK

To assist HR professionals in devising their human resources plans for next year, JobsDB conducted a Hiring, Compensation & Benefits Survey in Q3 of 2018. The report compiles feedback from 271 corporations of different business sectors in Hong Kong to provide valuable predictions on hiring intentions, salary trends and benefit adjustments for 2019. This page features the highlights of the report. Be sure to download the full report and include these insights in related planning of your organisation.

Key highlights of this year

Hiring plans in Q1 2019 will be less active

hirers predicted that hiring
new employees will be more difficult.
Hire plan of Q1 2019
hirers would recruit staff
representing a slight decline(17%) from the similar period last year
Pay adjustments
Nearly 70% of employees are predicted to receive a pay raise in 2019.
The predicted
overall salary raise will be 3.0%
Do you know which industries get the highest average increment percentage of monthly salary?

Performance bonus

The average performance bonus in 2018 was 1.47 months.
The top 3 industries
got the highest average performance bonus in 2018:
Medical / pharmaceutical
2 months
Hospitality / Catering
2.3 months
No. 1 is?
Number of performance bonus issued per year
Number of performance bonus issued per year
The predicted average performance bonus in 2019 will be 1.88 months.

Fresh graduate

of the surveyed hirers hired fresh graduates in 2018.
of the surveyed hirers are going to recruit fresh graduates in 2019.
Find the answers and hiring trends from the latest Hiring, Compensation & Benefits Survey Report now!

Release Date : 14 December 2018

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