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*Jobs DB Hong Kong Limited is the most commonly used recruitment media for 10 consecutive years and the most effective recruitment media in enabling respondents to land a job, the claim based on research conducted by Nielsen Telebus Survey 2017 (Copyright © 2017, Nielsen)

Top tips for SME recruitment

JobsDB’s labour market insight explores the latest techniques and best practices on talent acquisition and retention.

HR management is critical for all types of businesses – small, medium, startup or corporations. Read the best HR practices for your growing business here.

Your SME recruitment is in good hands

As an SME employer, enjoying what you do is a key principle of success. We spend all our lives working and to be in a position to control our own destiny by cementing a business around our passion and interests is something most people could only wish for. Running your own business gives you the opportunity to do this and to be able to watch something you have started to grow into something successful is worthwhile.

With a proven 20+ years track record of providing the most jobs and candidates, let us support your SME growth and be your most trusted talent sourcing partner. Here at JobsDB, we use our deep understanding of our customers’ SME problems and needs through our global scale and local experience in career, talent and workforce to help them recruit better. We apply technology and data to create practical and smart solutions in a way that is easy for SME employers and candidates to find each other. We support better decision making and help shape the workforce of the future.

Some takeaway hiring tips from us

Running your own SME business is no joke; Step up your game by avoiding these typical mistakes, and follow our tips to overcome them:

  • SMEs should focus on quality and not quantity — an overemphasis on an employee’s ability to manage multiple projects and tasks under the guise of being efficient. Build up skilled specialists, not mediocre generalists. Encourage employees to focus on individual projects.
  • The tendency to overlook the importance of clearly defining an employee’s roles and responsibilities. SMEs should clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each employee because clarity is power. Ensure that the organisation’s vision and mission are clearly communicated to all employees.
  • The benefits of having a good onboarding program are often left unnoticed by SMEs thus this often leaves new employees confused and disoriented. Small and medium-sized businesses should invest in a solid onboarding program, implement a buddy system, assign new joiners to buddies or mentors, and consistently follow up with new employees.

SME recruitment has changed but we can help

Leveraging on our international scale and ability to offer global strength and local focus, we are the most credible and trusted partner for recruiters, businesses and jobseekers. SMEs are challenged to hire top-notched candidates fast, but at a significantly lower cost. They need to keep up with innovative technology in recruitment now more than ever.

At JobsDB, we have the right tools you need to provide deeper understanding so you can make better decisions. Spend some time to understand our solutions better, and we guarantee that it will be worth it. Our one-stop recruitment platform is the ultimate platform for you to find the right person to be in your team.

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We champion the roles of a job expert and a career partner. As experts in SME hiring, we help people find jobs and build a career. We are your strategic partner in building a workforce for people like you — whether it is hiring employees for your small business or hiring interns for your start-up. Solving your problems to help you deliver better results is our bread and butter. We put a strong focus on our customers and innovation to enhance you with deep understanding of insights, data and easy-to-use technology.

We strive to solve your recruitment challenges and prepare you for the ever-changing world. We continue to test, learn, innovate, and iterate on future-proof solutions because you deserve better. Get support from our experts 24/7 through email or live chat. Our SME recruitment ads and employer branding services will help your brand stands out to the best candidates. Get started with us today.

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