Say hello to a new JobsDB

We have evolved!

We are your trusted job portal as always, just better in every imaginable way.

We know how important a job is to you, candidates and hirers, and we deliver opportunities that match your passion and purpose.

What hasn't changed is our unparalleled grasp of the work and hiring landscape. We listen, and we’ve transformed ourselves to build a better future for you.

Clear A powerful communicator
CreativeAn innovative thinker and doer
Leading A skilled and trusted expert
SupportiveAn understanding and helpful ally
Inspiring A passionate and energetic enthusiast

For today and for the future
Expertise and inspiration
Impact for the individual
and impact for the world
Customer understanding
and expert technology
Local presence
and global strength

You see, we’re now more than just a job portal.

We bring you the skills and resources you need to inspire and create impact for you.
We do this by always delivering.

Inspire and impact, how?
We knew you’d ask.
Our numbers speak for themselves
  • We consistently deliver the highest successful placement in the market by 4x in Hong Kong
  • Our new powerful AI is 6 times more efficient in helping you land a job
Let’s explore new opportunities!
We’re always looking to do more
  • Backed by our mother company SEEK, we are focused on Hong Kong
  • We keep evolving to keep our customers ahead

Let’s see yourself!

We’re with you, as your life-long career and talent partner
  • We provide up-to-date market insights from in-depth candidate surveys, salary reports, to job hunting tips

Stay one step ahead of the market now!

For Candidates As a candidate, we will help you find:
  • A role where you’re happy and fulfilled.
  • A company where your potential is released.
  • A place where your skills can grow.
  • A culture where you can thrive.
For Hirers As a hirer, we will help you find:
  • Staff with the skills to help your company grow.
  • The talent you need for today and tomorrow.
  • People that complement your company’s culture.
  • The expertise and vision your clients need.

We’re here for the long haul, we’re here to drive changes.
For individuals, businesses and our community.
We see beyond just jobs.
Our vision is to change lives.
And we’re proud to be part of it.

Because we believe in
Start building a better tomorrow with JobsDB now!
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