Power up your hiring skills with Integrated Sourcing
Power up your hiring skills with Integrated Sourcing

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When hiring demands start to pile up on your desk and your stakeholders come pounding on your door for their requests, an ordinary hirer may throw in the towel and leave. But we have the solution that will take up your hiring skills up a notch and transform you into Super HR!

Introducing Integrated Sourcing – an innovative sourcing approach, specially recommended for urgent and difficult recruitment scenarios. It employs two recruitment approaches for faster and more efficient hiring:

Attract the best and the brightest with Job Ads:

  • Create a strong and persuasive job ad to attract talents from far and wide

Find more withTalent Search:
  • Cast a wider net for more relevant candidates when you search through our database, all while your ad collects applications
Together, these two approaches make talent sourcing faster, easier, and more affordable. It’s like being gifted with awesome Super HR powers all at once.

Would you like to know more about this jobsDB innovation? Click the button below to see what it takes to become Super HR with Integrated Sourcing.

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