Improved job matching algorithm give more relevant applications

Dear Valued Customer,

We have some exciting news to share with you.

jobsDB has used the data of millions of its candidates to significantly improve its job matching algorithm in order to give you more relevant applications for your job ads.

With this Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced algorithm, we have 13m+ applications from job recommendations year-to-date. The exciting outcome of this innovation is what will drive us to apply to more candidate contact points in the near future.

What can you expect of this innovation:-

  1. A better prediction in recommending and matching your job ads so more relevant candidates can apply.
  2. More exposure of your job ads to maximise the reach to more candidates.

The Job Recommendation feature is aimed at helping candidates discover and connect to the right hirer but you as the Hirer will be the ultimate benefactor with a faster time to hire.

Should you need to know more about our Job Recommendations, please contact our account manager.

Best Regards,
Kenneth Chin
Chief Product Officer

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