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只有年輕小薯才會追求 work-life balance嗎?

只有年輕小薯才會追求 work-life balance嗎?
當大家都覺得年輕小薯 (尤其是Z 世代 – 18-23 歲) 工作態度散漫, 錢字掛帥 ,著重吃喝玩樂的時候,大家可有想過,中高層自己跟口中的後生小薯真有這麼大分別嗎?他們真有自己口中那麼完美嗎?



Expand your workforce flexibly and cost-effectively

Expand your workforce flexibly and cost-effectively
It is no secret that “slash” working style is a worldwide emerging trend, especially among younger generations.

Wait… what “slash” exactly means?

“Slash” is the symbol “/”. The reason why they are regarded as “Slashers” is that they earn multiple income streams from different careers at the same time.

Why this trend matters to you then?

It’s because it’s the time to re-evaluate your recruitment model, if you want to flexibly and cost-effectively expand your workforce.

So, how?

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5類動靜皆宜的team building活動

5類動靜皆宜的team building活動
始終每星期見同事的時間可能比見家人的時間還要多, Team Building近年大行其道,不止大公司,連中小企亦撥出經費助員工建立團隊精神。

除了老套的trust fall、繩網等以前在學校領袖訓練營的活動,何不試試這5類動靜皆宜的team building活動?

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